A Good Finish

 In Kitchen Worktops

The colour and texture of granite worktops are the primary aspects many consider when designing the perfect look for their home. Many forget that there is another important step to granite installation that can add the special touch to level up their stone surfaces—the finish! From the classic polish to the underappreciated leathered look, here are a few finishes to consider using for your stone worktops.


The polished look is a classy, beautiful look that is easily the most popular (or at least most widely used) finish for any stone surface. Polish creates a glossy reflection that both brightens the room and emphasizes the colours and textures of the stone. In addition, the polish acts as a sealant over porous granite surfaces, making it easy to clean and completely waterproof. This option may require slightly more frequent cleanings than other options, as smudges and spills are easily seen on top of the shiny exterior; also, those who use this finish should be aware of the cleaning solutions they use and avoid anything corrosive that could compromise the polish’s smooth layer.


The honed style is a smooth, matte look made by polishing the stone and then buffing it to remove the gloss or shine. This lessens the amount of reflection and vibrance created by normal polish but keeps the stone well-sealed and beautiful. Honed finishes are most common for flooring, creating a slightly more textured surface that offers more traction for people to walk on. This finish may be more easily scratched and may require being resealed more frequently than other finishes, due to its (usually) higher trafficked placement.


This type of finish is intentionally less smooth than a polished or sealed surface—the honed surfaces are gone over with diamond-tipped brushes to create chips or subtle dents in the material. Rather than a shiny or glassy look, leathered counters appear matte, slightly duller, or closer to the natural colour of the stone. The leathered strategy makes smudging almost unnoticeable and is still resistant to staining from spills. The texture of this surface requires more effort in cleaning, and any unintentional scratches or chips may be more noticeable than in others. This style is especially popular for outdoor areas, not attracting as much attention but maintaining a simple and refined look.

Explore these different granite countertop looks before deciding how you want to “finish” your granite surface installation! 

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