Silestone Stone Ideas for a new Kitchen Fashion Statement

Silestone worktops ideas help to redefine your kitchen fashion statement. The material is made out of 90 percent of natural quartz crystal, while the remaining part is composed of colour agents, antimicrobial protection and resins. The extreme durability of this quartz variety makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. Besides, the endless colour possibilities that can be infused in Silestone slabs are another reason for its popularity. The best part is Silestone imitates marble and granite but offers an extra shine that adds to the appeal of your kitchen. Needless to say, Silestone worktops ideas render innumerable ways to adorn your kitchen slabs in unique styles, finishes and patterns.

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Best Stone for Industrial or Commercial Use

Even among these most durable of stone surfaces, not all rock is created equal. If you are looking for the right kind of stone for your business’s use—whether for flooring, counters, walls or [...]

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