5 Reasons why MARBLE should be used for your kitchen worktop

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Free SampleThe stone industry is saturated with the limitless options now available for your kitchen worktop. But why choose marble woktops over all the alternative options, like granite worktops, quartz worktops or porcelain/ceramic worktops.

Here are the 5 reasons to choose marble for your worktop.

1. Colour Options: Marble is a natural stone that is quarried all over the world. The colour, shade and veining is always different from mountain to mountain. Because it is a natural product of this Earth, marble is extremely difficult to replicate by Quartz or Porcelain.

2. Timeless Design: Marble provides a timeless design which will never go out of fashion. The beauty of natural marble will always be there. As the Quarry goes deeper into the ground, different patterns and shades emerge which always keeps up with time.

3. Unique slabs: When marble is quarried, they are first cut into large blocks (normally the size of your room) and is then sliced down into thin sheets as we see them at various distributors around the world. The beauty is, each block will vary from the next. So, the chances of your neighbour having the same worktop as you, are next to none.

4. Durability: Marble is a pourus stone, no doubt, but if it is sealed and maintained as per our guidelines, there is no reason why it should look stunning for many years to come. Being heat resistant will allow you to place hot pans onto its surface for a short period of time without even damaging the surface.

5. Practicality: Due to its pourus surface, marble can be re-polished very easily. Unlike Quartz or granite – they require heavy machinery to bring the face up to a sheen finish. Marble can be polished to a like new finish in the space of a day, so it will never get old!

Above are just some of the many advantages for using Marble for your kitchen worktop. Why not ‘click here’ to get your Marble Worktop quotation today!

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