Styling Marble Worktops

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Free SampleThere’s no doubt about it: having marble worktops in your home gives it a sophisticated and sometimes grandiose image. They make your home grown-up and ensure that it’s going to stay looking fantastic for a long time too. At the same time, styling a room with marble can seem a little tricky. Maybe you want to avoid going overboard and making everything look a bit too ostentatious. If you want marble for your kitchen or bathroom worktops, a few design tips might help you get what you’re looking for and give you a home that still feels “you”.

  • Marble Can Be Traditional or Contemporary

One of the brilliant things about marble is that you can use it to create a traditional or a contemporary look. It might seem to be more of a traditional material, but its high gloss and excellent quality make it ideal for a more modern kitchen or bathroom too. If you already know you want to use marble in your home, you can take the next step by thinking about whether you want to choose traditional or contemporary design. Of course, you don’t have to go completely in one direction. You could combine elements from different eras and styles.

  • Carefully Consider Your Use of Colour

Marble is available in a range of colours, from neutral whites, greys and black to green, yellow and brown. As it’s a natural stone, it tends towards natural colours, but you still have a choice of colour for the stone and the rest of your design. You could choose contrasting colours for your marble and other elements, like kitchen cabinets. Or perhaps you want to go for a more matching look. You’ll have more choice when it comes to other elements, so perhaps you want to take the chance to inject some brighter colour.

  • Get Your Worktops Cut to Size for Perfect Results

If you’re looking for the ideal bespoke kitchen, getting your marble worktops cut to size is the way to get it. You can have your worktops perfectly shaped and cut to the right size so that your kitchen or bathroom (or maybe even a home bar) uses space smartly and has clean lines. You might want to fit your worktops around sinks or appliances, and perhaps create a kitchen island or marble trimmings in other parts of the room.

  • Let the Light In for a High Shine

The high shine of marble gives it a luxurious look, but it might not be at its best if your home doesn’t have enough light. During the day, leaving your windows clear to let in as much natural light as possible is a great idea. If you’re remodelling, you might even consider some new, larger windows. When there’s not enough daylight, your choice of lighting in your home can make a huge difference to how much your worktops stand out. You could choose anything from spotlights to some low-hanging pendant lights.

Marble can really add some sophistication to your home. Use it to create a bold new look in your kitchen or bathroom.

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