Using Stone Outdoors

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You see stone used in indoors settings frequently—in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and more. This material creates a sort of elegance and beauty in any space! So, why not make your outdoor area as elegant and beautiful as the indoor? Here are a few ways you can use stone in your outside space.

Flooring, Fireplaces, and More

Patios are a place to relax, enjoy fresh air, socialize, or do whatever it is that you enjoy while soaking in some sun. The best patio consists of sufficient shade and comfortable furnishings, and flooring and features that are durable enough to survive consistent exposure to outdoor elements like rain, wind, debris, and the sun’s rays. Stone is the best material for durability. Use it for an Italian-plaza style floor, or for your outdoor fireplace backsplash, or for countertops or tables that can be used for décor and entertaining!

Special Features

There are a number of special features you can add to your yard to dress it up or offer some fun, unique elements for function and aesthetic. Water features like small fountains or waterfall walls are a gorgeous addition for any yard, while offering the relaxing sounds and visuals of falling water that are sure to charm any resident or guest. Again, because sealed stone is water repellant, it is the perfect material for water features! Fire pits, statues, arches and more are all things that need guaranteed durability to perform well outdoors… add to that durability the beauty of richly coloured and textured stone, and you have an obvious winner for your attraction material!


Your landscaping itself can be enriched with stone pieces. Stepping stones, short sections of wall and benches can be used to guide people through your yard. Using colourful, glossy or matte stone to add color and texture to your landscape! Marble, limestone or granite pavers are a great option for gardens, as they create an easily walkable pathway for strolling along. Gradients in your landscape heights or depths are another opportunity to use stone for stairs. Rain, animals, and foliage cannot damage stone slabs! Consult a landscaper to determine where and how you can use stone in your landscaping plans.

As you think of where you want to use stone in your outdoor space, keep in mind that stones with UV resistance like Dekton stone may be beneficial for the longevity and safety of the stone! Look into Dekton and other stones to find for yourself what stone will work best for your needs!

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