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Granite worktops in Essex kitchens and bathrooms are becoming increasingly common. The stone for all its worth as a sturdy, impenetrable and stain-resistant material has found many takers in Essex, especially, those looking to remodel their old house or planning to install a new kitchen or bathroom at their place.

Each granite worktop in Essex has a story – the story of how a simple rock relieved from the upper crust of the Earth had been cut and polished to give way to a seamless and artful design. We take pride in sharing how most of the artfully crafted and seamlessly installed granite worktops in Essex bear our hallmark.

What makes us different and unique?

Be it a modern house with contemporary planning and present-day interior decor or an old mansion synonymous with colonial architecture, our wide and extensive range of colours and designs of granite worktops fits all. Moreover, we customise our products in accordance with our clients’ tastes and needs. Unmatched skills and craftsmanship of our team of experts ensure that the various parts of the granite worktops are joined seamlessly, thus, assuring longevity and permanence to the structures.

For Essex people, the only choice should be KML granite worktops

A major percentage of our customers from Essex has opted for only granite to be used in their kitchen and bathroom worktops. KML Worktops made it possible by visiting their customers’ places, be it residential spaces or commercial buildings, and advise the exact style and colour that would suit their style and fit their budget. Moreover, the stringent service standards that we adhere to coupled with the unbeatable prices of our products have placed us way ahead of our competitors.

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