Are Granite Countertops Worth the Price

There's no hiding the fact that granite countertops are more costly compared to some other options. There are cheaper choices, but paying more makes sense if you get more benefits from your purchase. If you're thinking of investing in granite for your new worktops, you want to know that they're worth the price. You might like the look of granite, but you also need to check that it meets your [...]

Bespoke Worktops for Your Kitchen

Installing bespoke worktops in your kitchen helps you to update it with a unique, new look. Going the bespoke route allows you to get everything perfect, instead of having to try and fit something that's not quite right into your kitchen. You can choose the material that works for you, and get your worktops cut to size for the best fit. If you're planning brand new worktops for your kitchen, [...]

Transform Your Kitchen with New Kitchen Worktops

When your kitchen is starting to look tired, you don't need to replace it completely. A few changes to update it could have an incredible effect and get it looking like new. New kitchen worktops could transform your kitchen, completely refreshing everything. Quality worktops will last for many years, keeping your kitchen looking amazing for longer. If you're thinking about getting new [...]

Dekton worktops

Dekton is an ultracompact surface that consists of a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces

Quartzite worktops. What is Quartzite and why is it gaining huge popularity in the UK!

A metamorphic rock which is formed from almost entirely of Quartz. Quartzite is formed when sandstone is altered by the heat, pressure, and chemical activity of metamorphism. Quartzite is a natural stone that has beautiful streaks of colours, rich tones and beautiful patterns on its surface. These features enable Quartzite to be a completely unique feature piece in any kitchen, bathroom or [...]


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