Basalt Black
Porcelain / Ceramic
  • 12mm

Basalt Worktops- A Great Alternative to Granite Worktops

Those who are looking for alternatives to natural stones like marble and granite, for them, basalt is a great option. It is tough, wears well, and looks great. It mainly comes in dark colours (blues, blacks, and greys) owing to the magnesium and iron that contaminates it during its formation.

Our basalt worktops will add beauty and refinement to any environment it is installed in. The surface is warm to the touch, softer to the feel than granite, and marble. It is easy to sustain which means your basalt worktop will remain as attractive as the time you purchased it, even after extensive use. Though these worktops are more expensive than other natural stones, the cost should not be a deterrent to this fantastic addition.

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Product Basalt Black
Material Porcelain / Ceramic
Finish Options Polished
Thickness Options 12mm
Colour Options Grey


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