Porcelain / Ceramic
  • 12mm

Unique, elegant and innovative – these are words that best describe the Neolith Calacatta worktops popular in kitchens, floors and wall claddings. With patterns of uniform grey veins alternated with gold patterns on a smooth and lustrous white background, this stone is the envy of all who had installed mundane looking worktops at their places.

Elegance unbound
Be it any kind of space, residential or commercial, most of our customers order our extensive diversity of Neolith Calacatta stones. They are much sought for their countertops in office pantries and kitchen worktops at homes simply because of the innumerable matching and design options available. More than the grace and the solidity of the stone, it is the impeccable sheen that one gets after the stone is cut and polished thoroughly.

Contact us for the satin look characteristic of the stone’s exceedingly smooth surface which ensures that it complements every space it is used. Be it a traditional or a contemporary household, the ubiquitous use of this stone explains its reputation.

Product Calacatta
Material Porcelain / Ceramic
Finish Options Polished
Thickness Options 12mm
Colour Options Black, Grey, White


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