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Silestone Eternal Statuario

  • 12mm
  • 20mm
  • 30mm

Silestone Eternal Statuario Worktops for Your Kitchen & Bathroom at the KML

There is none who would deny the ethereal look of marble in their homes. But then the annual maintenance is a cause of concern, thus, prompting customers to look for a different alternative. The Silestone Statuario quartz chips fit in perfectly with customers’ demands as the stone has both the elements of durability like quartz and the flawlessness of marble. With a unique impermeable feature that disallows bacteria to multiply on its surface, this stone is widely used in creating kitchen worktops, bathroom floors and other high-traffic areas.

Why do customers favour Silestone Statuario use?

With its spectacular look and myriad colour availability, architects can create heterogeneous textured worktops and other decorative pieces. These pieces not only serve the purpose for which they were initially put in place but enhance the look of the surrounding space too. Our customers appreciate the extraordinary natural appearance of marble in a stone that is actually quartz, albeit of a different kind.

Product Eternal Statuario
Material Quartz
Finish Options Matt/Honed, Polished
Thickness Options 12mm, 20mm, 30mm
Colour Options Grey, White
Application Bathroom, Kitchen


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