Marble Kitchen Worktops

Whether it is a home kitchen or a commercial baker’s kitchen, marble kitchen worktops become beauty essentials for any place that shares food, love, and life. People commonly prefer these worktops due to their brightness, comprehensive design and pattern availability. The gloss pieces in the marble stone give its surface that perfect sheen one would crave for when it comes to its usage in kitchens and pantries.

The popularity of marble kitchen worktops in the UK is high because this material is resilient. While working in kitchens, people often need hard-wearing tools, including worktops and countertops, which can withstand a rushing life. Additionally, marble worktops add style to any modern kitchen and make it look trendy. While designing a new kitchen or refurbishing an old kitchen, it is essential to blend the user’s choices and family’s needs, which marble worktops do correctly with their versatility.

Benefits to Choose Marble Material for Kitchen Worktops

The creation of a marvellous kitchen starts with the perfect selection of worktops. Here are some significant benefits that make the marble material an excellent choice for your worktops:


Marble kitchen worktops in the UK have gained popularity, as they never go out of fashion. Marble displays classic beauty and elegance and merges with any kitchen’s design scheme.

Colour and pattern variety

If you thought marble would only fit bakers’ kitchens, then you must know that a marble surface offers a wide range of colour choices, from whites, blacks and greens to soft greys. From subtle tones to contrasting veins, you can also find many exciting patterns according to the gloss pieces it is made of.

Proper functionality

Hard enough to resist usual impacts, marble surfaces function well if maintained properly.

Low maintenance

A simple cleanup can maintain these countertops.


This natural ability makes marble an ideal surface to have in-home kitchens and pantries.

With reasonable marble kitchen worktops’ prices, you can design your dream kitchen affordably.

Why we are expert stone worktop supplier

At KML Worktops, we care for our customers’ preferences for marble kitchen worktops in the UK and provide unique services, as mentioned below:

Comprehensive manufacturing solutions

We fabricate all stone worktops in our London factory. Our manufacturing process is complete, while we offer templates for slab design and install worktops.

Faster solutions

From initial tinplating to fabrication and installation, we do it all quickly, within 5-7 days.

Advisory help

Our experts guide our clients to select the right surfaces that can enhance the beauty of home kitchens and bakers’ pantries.

High-end customer service

We not only offer free quotes online for marble kitchen worktops’ prices but also remain readily available on the phone to timely resolve all client queries, whether these are about gloss pieces or the options in popularity.

Our Wide Range of Marble Stones

To cater to all aesthetic needs of our clients internationally, we provide both matt and polished marble stones in varied colours and thicknesses. From Verde Fun Marble and Verde Ugarit Marble to Toffee Marble, Marfil Marble, Caramel Marble and Empradoro Marble, we have a wide range. Some other types are Arabescato Marble, Carrara Marble, Calacatta Oro Marble, and Ice White or Costa Green Marble.

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Is marble the right choice for kitchen countertops and worktops?

Marble is an excellent choice in terms of functionality critically required in every kitchen. Additionally, marble worktops and countertops are decorative. These blend well with any kitchen design theme. As marble is available in a variety of colours and patterns, it also gels perfectly with different kitchen colours.

Does marble stain easily?

As marble is a porous material, it is prone to staining. However, you can avoid it if you are careful with the use of staining foods like turmeric, red wine, and lemon. Keeping the marble surfaces away from harsh cleaners is also required. Using the right cleaners protects the marble.

How to clean marble?

Wiping with a soft cloth is enough to clean a marble surface frequently. For stain and stickiness removal, you should use water and soap. Make sure that whenever you clean your marble countertops, you go for only soft cleaning products. Harsh chemicals can damage the marble surfaces.

Does marble scratch easily?

You will have to be a little more careful with marble, as it does scratch easily due to being soft. Still, it is a sturdy material to last long. To protect your marble worktops over a reasonable period, go for sealing. Additionally, avoid using sharp knives and such tools directly on the surface.

Is marble material expensive?

Marble material is quite affordable, especially when you go for something like Carrara Marble that is abundantly available. Though some exotic types of marble may not be so inexpensive, their costs are always competitive. The expenses for varied kinds of marble also vary based on the slab size and finish you choose.

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