Marble Worktops And Marble Countertops

KML Worktops is recognized as leading supplier across the country for offering the high quality marble worktops & marble countertops. If you are looking for some unique styles for your kitchen worktop and bathroom countertops, the ever-classy marble worktops available at KML Worktops can enhance the interiors of your kitchen & bathroom.

We are well-versed with the stone industry and possess considerable experience when it comes to domestic as well as commercial project needs. We can guide on the best fitment of marble worktops depending on your specific needs to ensure that the overall look of your kitchen and bathroom interiors can be enhanced. We deliver the best marble worktops near you and ensure the maximum level of customization for all our clients

Homeowners are starting to prefer marble kitchen worktops considering the various benefits they offer. Marble worktops are made of natural marble stone and therefore appeal to a lot of people. Here are some of the advantages offered by marble countertops.

Improved Value of Home - Marble kitchen worktops offer an elegant look to the kitchen and result in an overall improved value of a home. These tend to last for many years and require a limited amount of maintenance

Sturdiness - Marble countertops offer extreme sturdiness because these are scratch-resistant and crack-resistant. These are also heat- resistant and stain-resistant if well taken care of.

Long-Term Durability - Marble worktops offer long-term durability because these do not require polishing unlike other variety of countertops.

Naturally Cool - Marble is a naturally cool stone and hence an ideal worktop for baking purposes. When it comes to working on pastries, dough, chocolate or even ice cream, marble worktops are considered to be the best.

Timeless Elegance - Marble countertops tend to look beautiful even after many years of use. The beauty and warmth that these exuberate are unparalleled to any other variety. The oldest and well-known landmarks of the world such as the Taj Mahal and Lincoln Memorial are made of marble.

Brightness - Marble reflects its natural glow and makes the kitchen shine at all times. It is especially helpful for smaller-sized kitchens and even bathrooms since it helps brighten up space and makes it feel larger.

Easy Shaping - Marble is softer as compared to granite and hence is easy to cut as well as shape. It allows for a larger variety of edge shapes such as bullnose, bevel, straight and stair thread. One of the most popular edge profiles is the waterfall edge. The other alternative for a better feel in a countertop is laminate kitchen worktops London. These are the latest entrants in the market as compared to the much older marble option.

Marble Worktops at Best Prices in London, UK

If you are looking for the best marble worktops in London at reasonable prices, your search ends at KML worktops.

Kitchen Transformation – Marble worktops prices at KML Worktops are reasonable, especially if you are looking for a kitchen transformation. These worktops can help you in completely changing the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom

Established Brand – While searching for Marble worktops in the UK, you can be assured of an established brand like KML Worktops. We have been in the marble kitchen worktops UK market for many years and have a wide range of clientele

At KML worktops, we believe in offering high-quality marble at the best market prices for maximum customer satisfaction

If you are looking to add that extra element of style and oomph to your home, you have to have marble. Marble worktops are deemed best for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s cool and smooth surface makes it an ideal material for creating marble kitchen worktops. With more and more families stressing on the use of marble stone, marble countertops are a common feature in modern-day households.

Marble Worktops for Your Home or Office

Designers, these days, stress on the use of marble bathrooms to add sheen and glaze to the walls. The flawless beauty characteristic of marble lends grace and grandeur to the walls for prolonged periods if looked after properly and polished regularly. The idea of adding a marble effect to worktops is appreciated and reckoned by people worldwide, which is evident in the varying marble worktops prices companies offer to attract new clients while retaining their existing clientele.

We have some of the best creative artists at KML who with the use of marble countertops know how to infuse the most eclectic styles of British heritage with contemporary designs. Our stonemasons adept in blending style with utility are known to have created some of the best marble worktops in the UK. As opposed to other building materials that need extra care at added costs, marble kitchen worktops are relatively easy to clean. When polished, the marble effect on worktops adds elegance and dignified propriety to your homes and offices.

Call Us for More Information on Marble Worktops

If you are looking to renovate the kitchens and bathrooms at your residence or workplace by adding marble kitchen worktops or including marble bathrooms, let us help you. With years of experience in handling building materials and using state-of-the-art technology, we promise our customers unparalleled service at irrefutable prices. For more details, you may browse our website and choose among the wide range of marble kitchen countertops designs that we offer. Let us know your requirements, so that our team may submit you the quote best suited for your marble worktops requirement. You can also use our online form to request free samples for the marble stone.

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Which Marble Colour Is Best For My Kitchen?

You need bright colours that make your kitchen and bathroom beautiful. If you cabinetery is dark you can opt for white, tan, terracotta, light gray, soft gray-green, yellow-gold, Wedgewood blue, champagne or taupe.

How Do I care My Marble Worktop?

Sealing is one of the first steps to preserve the look of your marble worktops and give them a long life. In addition, all spills and stains must be rid of right away using the right cleaners and tools. Regular 'soap and water' cleaning goes a long way in protecting your marble worktops.

Does Marble Break Easily

Marble is a soft material that can easily scratched, chipped and scrapped under the critical conditions.

Why Marble Is Cool?

As a natural, dense, and hard stone surface, marble feels cool to touch. This is because heat dissipates through marble rapidly, making it colder and thus, a great choice of worktop material for warm climates.

What is the texture of marble?

Depending on the original rock that the marble worktop is sourced from, the texture and colour of the surface vary across a large spectrum. Additionally, some level of customization is available when choosing the texture of marble surfaces.

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