Best Types of Counters for Bathrooms

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When choosing among different types of counters for bathrooms available today, worktops now offer beauty without sacrificing functionality. Here are several of the most popular materials for bathroom counters that will fit any style and budget.

Bathroom Worktop Quick Buying Guide  


Granite remains the material of choice for those wanting a sleek and luxurious look for their bathroom. It comes in a nearly unlimited variety of patterns and colors, making it easy to match a broad range of home styles. 

Beyond its attractiveness, however, this natural stone boasts almost unmatched durability and resilience. With proper care, you can enjoy your granite worktop for decades. It’s also easy to clean and stands up well to heat and humidityperfect for your curling iron.

While granite is pricier than other types of counters for bathrooms, the cost is well worth it in the long run.


Similar to granite, quartz is highly durable and generally stain-resistant. However, it is naturally waterproof. Compared to other types of counters for bathrooms, it is easy to clean as well—only warm water and dish soap are needed for cleanup.

Because quartz is engineered, it has countless design options and more uniform coloring than natural stone. This is good news if you are going for a more contemporary look. 

Nevertheless, something to keep in mind is that extreme heat can damage quartz worktops. If you have hot tools, it’s best to avoid setting them down on the surface. 


If you want to achieve an elegant look for your bathroom, you’ll find marble might be better suited to your taste. Compared to granite and quartz, it has bolder veinings that add to its classy aesthetic. Thanks to this natural stone’s timeless beauty, you can expect a significant increase in overall home value if you use it for your bathroom.

One thing to be aware of, you’ll need to be quick with spills on marble due to its low stain resistance. Fortunately, you can have your worktop resealed to prevent staining and scratching. 


Limestone is a natural stone that’s a good fit for informal interiors. It comes in a broad array of colors and often has a matte finish. 

You don’t have to worry about placing hot items on its surface because limestone is heat resistant. Limestone also holds up well in humid environments, making it an ideal surface for your bathroom.

As for its longevity, limestone is up there with other long-lasting types of counters for bathrooms. It can endure for decades with appropriate care and attention. But since it is porous, you should have it sealed to prevent staining. 

Beware that limestone is susceptible to erosion from acidic chemicals, such as ones you might find in cleaning products. There aren’t too many available sealants that will prevent etches, and the ones that do tend to leave behind an unattractive finish. 

Nonetheless, limestone usually has a lower price tag compared to marble or granite.


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