Limestone Kitchen Flooring & Limestone Worktops UK

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and is commonly found across all seven continents. Of all the stones, limestone is the softest and most porous. It is easier to cut and shape. That is why many architects and homeowners prefer limestone kitchen floorings, fireplace, worktops and even bathroom countertops.

Limestone has had a long history in construction and therefore when you use it, it adds a timeless appeal and luxury to your home.

Limestone worktops
Limestone is a popular option for kitchen worktops due to its endurance. Although it is not as dense as granite or marble, it is equally hard. It can tolerate any weather and humidity. Hence you do not have to be concerned about keeping a hot pan on it.

It is a versatile stone which can be easily moulded into any shape and can be cut to match any design. Besides, it is available in a variety of sizes, colours and textures. So, you can choose the right one which goes well with the style and décor of your kitchen.
It holds an aesthetic appeal which is found in no other stone. The natural appearance of limestone countertops is a unique addition to your kitchen surroundings.

Why choose KML Worktops
KML Worktops is one of the approved fabricators for limestone worktops in the UK. We deal in several leading brands including Silestone worktops, Caesarstone worktops and CRL.
At KML Worktops, we strive to deliver you the highest level of service with the lowest cost of quartz worktops. We test the stones properly to give you the best quality material.

If you have any questions regarding limestone floorings or kitchen worktops, write to us, and someone from our team will get back to you at the soonest. You can also use our online form to get no-obligation quotes.

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