KML Worktops is one of the leading suppliers of kitchen worktops & countertops in the UK. We majorly cover the London, Kent, Surrey & Essex cities for installation of kitchen worktops.

We are an approved and experienced fabricator for all solid surfaces like granite worktops, marble worktops, quartz worktops, dekton worktop, stone worktops, and composite kitchen worktops.

Whether it is consulting, designing, fabricating or installing, we provide an end-to-end kitchen countertops solution with proven superlative quality.

We also deal in fine collection of colors for kitchen worktops. Click here to check our white kitchen worktop, black kitchen worktops, and grey kitchen worktops or browse our filters on the left for the colors available.

You can visit our projects pages to browse the samples and some of the work we have undertaken in the past.

We carry out all the projects in our London-based factory and do not sub-contract our work. This gives us a considerable cost-saving, which we pass on to you, this keeping our prices the most competitive in the market.

Why choose KML Worktops

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding services to hundreds of customers in commercial as well as residential segments. Our team of skilled technicians boasts of its exemplary proficiency in cutting, fitting, finishing and cleaning to give your kitchen an impressive look.

We source marble and granite from all over the world. Our trusted network in the UK and other countries enables us to procure the best-quality kitchen countertops at a reasonable cost.

If you have any questions regarding kitchen countertops or want more details on our products, please feel free to write to us today. We also invite all queries on flooring or any other solid surface.

You can also use our online form to get a no-obligation quotation.

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