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Quartz is a natural stone mixed with human-made materials such as resin to give it both strength and durability. The stone is designed to be scratch and stain resistant, which makes it a perfect addition to different areas of your home. Whichever colour or design you opt for, the stone should reflect your personality and match your decor.

Worktops to suit budgets and needs

We offer quartz worktops in Kent and surrounding areas, to meet the diverse need – from city-bred to country-loving. All are quartz stones are dependable in strength and will complement the rest of the home decor. You can choose from a variety of textures, cuts, polishes and colours. Additionally, you can be assured of getting authentic products at the most reasonable prices.  So, give your interiors or exteriors an aesthetic makeover with great looking worktops from KML.

Why choose KML Worktops

We are a leading and established suppliers of quartz kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops in Kent and are approved fabricators for several leading brands.

At KML worktops, we are committed to delivering high-quality worktops and countertops for your interiors and exteriors while maintaining absolute transparency with our customers. Years of experience in the field backs our fabrication expertise. So, you can rest assured that we follow high standards of service while assisting you.

We carry out all our projects with the help of our craftsmen and interact with you directly. The absence of middlemen helps us save significant operational expenses, and we make sure to pass on the benefits to you regarding a reasonable price.

Browse Our Online Collection

Visit our online gallery to refer to the variety we have delivered to our customers in the past. Browse our website to look at our quartz worktop collection and choose the right fit for your kitchen.

If you are searching for the best quality quartz worktops in Kent, you are at the right choice.

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