Blue Quartz Worktop in UK

Marble bathroom worktops have been popular choice among the house owners for many years. They gave a sophisticated and elegant allure.

Known to deal with the leading brands such as Silestone, Technistone, Unistone, Cambria, Classic Quartz, and Neolith, you can get the finest bathroom’s marble options here.

Quartz not only brings liveliness to your home but provide its benefits. The blue quartz worktop will provide you with maintenance advantages that nature itself is not able to. It will not disappoint in terms of overall look and style.

Why choose marble bathroom worktops?

During the Roman times, bathhouses of the royals were decorated with intricate mosaic arrangements designed by marble. For thousands of years, it has been providing a classic and exquisite look to bathrooms. No matter what your bathroom design is, a marble countertop can accentuate its overall appeal. There are many reasons to invest in a marble bathroom worktops -

  • Marble is a material that immediately attracts real-estate appraiser during the evaluation of your property. It can especially turn into your favour if your home is among the handful of features that uses marble in the neighbourhood. Subsequently, a higher value of property transforms into better equity, resulting in more profitable resale value. Eventually, it will be easier for you to refinance your current mortgage.
  • Marble indeed has a higher maintenance level as opposed to other forms of natural stone. Marble is solid and durable. This natural stone has been used as a prominent building material for centuries. Many historical monuments, including Parthenon, Lincoln Memorial, and Parthenon are built using marble, and they are still standing strong as ever.
  • Marble is comparatively softer to cut than other bathroom countertop options, making it easier to generate different edge profiles. Along with popular patterns such as straight, bevel, bullnose, and demi bullnose, you can cut the natural stone into stair thread, waterfall, cover bullnose, and chiselled edge. When it comes to bathroom countertop, the waterfall edge seems accompanies by multiple cascading convex arches that are the most popular. This design adds an elegant texture to the worktop, making it look incredibly stylish.
  • Marble stones have their natural glow that lights up any room. So if you have a small bathroom or don't have enough natural light, then marble bathroom countertops would be the perfect choice for you. Additionally, it also makes space appear more significant, therefore ideal to add character to the whole area.
  • Marble is a popular choice for kitchen worktops because of their high heat resistance. However, we often use many styling products in the bathroom that generates heat. On other countertops, you have a higher risk of fire and burn, but with marble countertops, you don't have to worry about that.

Why Choose KML Worktops for your Marble Bathroom Countertops?

When it comes to choosing the right marble for your bathroom countertop, you have to be careful and choose a reliable source. Bad quality of marble can impact the overall appeal of your bathroom décor, and you would not enjoy its benefits.

  • KML worktops are leading stone worktop suppliers in the UK, which provide high-quality marble worktop across the country. With us, you get an extensive collection of different types of marble to suit your needs.
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