The Benefits of Marble Floors

Marble floors have plenty of benefits. Let’s take a look at them. A marble floor has an elegant, sophisticated appearance.Marble is a natural material and can be sustainably sourced.Marble is easy to polish and can look dazzling.

Why Granite is Better than Hardwood

When we look for a material to lay down as flooring, there are many different considerations. However, the choice that we make will definitely have an impact on our home, so it’s important to pick the right one. In the case of granite vs hardwood, there are plenty of strong arguments on either side.  However, […]

Creative Places to Install Stone

Love the look of stone features in the home? Trying to find a good place for a stone feature or two? Apart from the normal countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, consider these other places you can utilize stone as an accent or design element for any room in your home! Window Ledges Windows can be […]

Ways to Save on Stone

Stone is a beautiful addition to any home—but the price can deter many people from making the investment. However, stone doesn’t have to be unattainable! You can fulfil your interior design vision still, with a few simple ways to save on stone. Raw Edges The edging of your countertops is an aspect of the stone […]

Stone for Fireplaces

A fireplace is often considered the “heart of the home.” This focal point conveys charm and warmth that welcomes pleasant relaxation to its room. If you are considering installing a fireplace into your home, make sure you use the best material available—stone! Here are some important details about using stone for your fireplace. Preparation The […]

Low Maintenance Features for Your Home

Upkeep for your home is often one of the more frustrating, time consuming, and inconvenient tasks for your schedule. You can prevent the need (or at least the frequency) of these tasks by installing low maintenance features for your home! Here are a few examples of design elements that won’t require so much effort to […]

Shapes and Sizes You Can Try With Stone

Because of its density, source-size, and overall mass, you may (like many) believe stone to be too limited in its design abilities. You might be surprised by the ways you can style, create, and manipulate stone to fit your vision of whatever room or space you have in mind! Here are a few ways you […]

Difficulties with Stone

The long list of benefits that stone provides as a surface material make it an obvious winner for any interior or exterior project. However, to enjoy those benefits fully, you need to be prepared for the more difficult aspects of stone countertop installation and maintenance! Here are a few things to keep in mind as […]

Natural vs Artificial: Benefits and Disadvantages Between Stone Types

Choosing the right stone for your home can be a stressful decision—the cost, style, quality and placement of stone in your home are all determining factors in the type of stone and the quantity of it that you will purchase! Natural and artificial stone both have long lists of benefits, some of which differ from […]

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