Carrara Marble Worktops: Know Everything about Carrara Marble

Carrara marble worktops come with white colour and white colour symbolises purity, peace and beauty. Thus, anything in white has a unique essence, which invites purity and innocence within the surroundings. Every corner of a household seeks peace and tranquillity and when it’s your kitchen, clean and clear atmosphere is a must. This is what […]

Quartz Kitchen Worktops: Pros & Cons of white Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Countertops are one of the most preferred kitchen worktops and have multiple pros and cons. The best part is that it is low maintenance and nonporous so you do not need to worry about additional cost in the future. Renovating the home, and especially the kitchen is the most time consuming and exhaustive […]

How to make your Quartz worktops clean and shine?

Picking Quartz Worktops for your kitchen is a very smart choice. It is easy to clean quartz worktops with cleaning products because these are durable, stronger and lesser prone to damage. There is also no problem of bacteria getting harbored beneath the surface or of spillage which can cause permanent stains because of the non-porous […]

Marble Vs Granite: Detailed Comparison Between Marble and Granite

Marble and granite, both have a lot of similarities and differences. If you were to choose one material for your kitchen worktop or countertop, you could get confused between marble and granite because of their features. Marble and Granite both are attractive, beautiful the home and are easy to use and maintain. It is hard […]

New Kitchen Countertops or Whole New Kitchen

When your kitchen starts to look a bit tired, there are two main options you could consider. You can completely renovate the whole room, or you could choose to update the existing kitchen and touch it up. If you decide on the second option, you might want to think about some new kitchen countertops, without also replacing the cupboards or other major elements of the kitchen. Before you decide [...]

Are Granite Worktops Hard to Look After

Granite worktops are a beautiful option for your kitchen. The natural stone is durable, available in a range of colours, and simply stunning to look at. However, if you're considering whether granite is the right material for your worktops, you might be unsure about caring for them. High-maintenance surfaces may not be your idea of a good choice, so understanding how to keep them clean and [...]

Matt Stone vs Polished Stone – Which One Is Right for You

When you choose new stone worktops for your home, you can choose between matt stone or polished worktops. Each of these options could give you the look that you want in your kitchen, but which one is right for you? KML has both matt and polished worktops available in several materials, including granite, marble and quartz. To get the right look and the most practical worktops for your [...]

Kitchen worktops guide – everything you need to know

Ready to complete your kitchen with a new worktop! You probably have everything sussed out - from the wall colours to the choice of cabinets. But now you need to make, what seems like, the most crucial decision for your kitchen – the worktop.

Are Granite Countertops Worth the Price

There's no hiding the fact that granite countertops are more costly compared to some other options. There are cheaper choices, but paying more makes sense if you get more benefits from your purchase. If you're thinking of investing in granite for your new worktops, you want to know that they're worth the price. You might like the look of granite, but you also need to check that it meets your [...]

Bespoke Worktops for Your Kitchen

Installing bespoke worktops in your kitchen helps you to update it with a unique, new look. Going the bespoke route allows you to get everything perfect, instead of having to try and fit something that's not quite right into your kitchen. You can choose the material that works for you, and get your worktops cut to size for the best fit. If you're planning brand new worktops for your kitchen, [...]

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