Green Worktops

Interior decor of kitchens and bathrooms is not limited to doors, cabinets and windows only. The need to have a durable and smooth worktop is also being recognised. People inclined toward a landscape view are more keen to opt for installation and fitting of green worktops. These worktops are available in myriad tones including lime green, dark green, light green or mint green worktops. While the unique reflective colour of green worktops adds to the beauty of the kitchen or other spaces, a lot also depends on the materials used to create them.

Adding a splash of the environment in your kitchen

Some of our customers had specially ordered for neon green worktops to lend that age-old, retro look to their kitchens. There are others, however, who were looking to contrast the lighter hue of their surroundings by having in place an emerald green worktop or those available in darker shades. In some instances, the natural tints of green are not what the customers wish to pay for. To ensure customer satisfaction, our experts create green worktops from a laminate material. Though wooden worktops come in green colours as well, not many people express interest in buying wooden worktops owing to the maintenance hassle of painting each year or adding good sealants to their surface, every year, to retain the texture and tone of the worktop.

If you are looking for green worktops for your kitchens and living spaces, then we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Available in all kinds of materials including stone, granite worktops, wood, quartz worktops, composite, concrete, laminate and many others, we not only ensure the best quality worktops that would complement your style and taste, but hassle-free installation and fittings sans any wastage. Choose from our wide range of stone worktops options available on the site or call to know more.

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