Polished Concrete Worktops

When it comes to worktops, most people opt for materials like granite, marble or quartz. Not many know about polished concrete worktops that can be fitted in bathrooms and kitchens. Polished concrete worktops are available in all sizes and shapes. Many customers order customised worktops by ordering coloured stones, glass shards, pieces of quartz and semi-precious gemstones to be embedded while creating the mould to augment its look and style.

The unique design of polished concrete worktops serves an alternative solution to granite worktops in London’s kitchens and bathrooms. So much is their popularity among contemporary families that most of them are now opting for polished concrete worktops to supplement the decor of their cooking space, and as an essential element in their bath space.

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Our team of expert craftsmen is adept in creating bespoke polished concrete worktops using a unique stone and cement formula. The best part of using concrete is that each part of the worktop, though similar, lends a unique look owing to the differing placement of the stones in it. The polished and smooth surfaces of the worktops ensure a spectacular look and visually appealing glaze to our customers.

For more details about the various designs and styles, you may contact us on the number given or email your requirements on the email id shared on our website.

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