Technistone Quartz Kitchen & Bathroom Worktops

The Technistone quartz worktops offered by KML are beautiful. They can be used almost anywhere in the home or work environment. We have a variety of finishes and colours available to appeal to the personal tastes of our customers.

Technistone - The Ideal Stone For Your Home

Technistone has become a perfect option for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Its popularity is high because of the durability it offers. Most of the stone is natural quartz which gives it unique properties and makes it both impact and stain resistant. Add to that the quality and 10+ year warranty we offer, and you can use them in high-traffic and use areas of your home without any worry.

We are the best

As the most-preferred fabricator and distributor of quartz worktops and other natural stones, you can be assured of getting the best of quality and services always. Just select your stone from the wide range of colour and texture options at KML. if in doubt, contact our expert contractors for advice in choosing the best stone as per your requirements and budget. You can also use our services to come to your home, measure the area and provide you with the ideal size.
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