Create a Sophisticated Kitchen with Grey Worktops

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Free SampleWhen you choose to use natural stone for your kitchen worktops, you still have a fantastic range of shades from which to choose. Grey often conjures up slightly dreary images, but it’s a sophisticated choice for you kitchen. Rather than prompting thoughts of rainy days, it can give your kitchen a warm and contemporary look. You need to be careful that grey worktops won’t make your kitchen too dark, but it’s not difficult to get it right. Here’s how to create a sophisticated kitchen by combining grey with other hues for a room that makes an impact.

  • Choose a Material You Love

Selecting grey worktops means you have a choice of different materials. Natural stone worktops offer a number of excellent properties, from durability to pure style. If you want stone worktops, you can choose from quality materials like quartz, marble, granite and quartzite. You also have the option of ceramic worktops, which offer another tough and stylish possibility. It’s important that you choose a material you love, not just for what it looks like but also for how practical it is for your home. Choosing grey worktops will mean that the material is less likely to show stains.

  • Explore Different Shades of Grey

Just because you’ve decided that you want to use grey in your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that things have to be dull. In fact, you have plenty of different shades and textures to play with. You might go for a deep, dark grey that’s almost black or one so light that it nearly looks white. Various patterns create interesting effects in natural stone, from fine veins to dappled colours. Take a look at lots of different colours and patterns so you know what’s available and get a good feel for what you want.

  • Balance Grey with Light and Bright Colours

Making your whole kitchen grey certainly could make it look a bit too dark. If you want to keep things balanced, you should consider tempering your grey worktops with other colours. You might want to choose a monochrome style, using grey and white. Other light shades can work to lighten things up, whether you choose cream or a pastel colour like blue or green. Some bright hues can work well too, although you might want to focus on using bright accents instead of having big blocks of bright colour.

  • Make Things Minimal

Grey worktops can look fantastic with a minimal kitchen design. If you’re trying to create a luxurious, sophisticated look, try not to go too overboard with details. Keep things simple and focus on a sleek aesthetic. You might want to think carefully about storage so that you can put away most of your kitchen essentials and avoid having them clutter up the kitchen. If you do have some things out on your worktops or elsewhere in the kitchen, think about how to make them part of your kitchen design.

Choose grey for your kitchen worktops if you want a sophisticated kitchen with a softer look compared to white or black.

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