How to Use Limestone

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“Limestone” is a name that you may recognize as a popular stone material, but what do you really know about this versatile rock? From tiling to sculptures to landscaping and more, limestone can be used for an impressive list of features for your interior and exterior design!


Tiles are a popular option for bathrooms, kitchens, floorings and backsplashes all throughout your home. Tiling allows some creativity in design through pattern, shape, size and (of course) colour variance. Limestone is an especially good material for tiling because of its rich texture and colouring, in addition to its heat resistance and durability. Tiles are also an appealing option for homeowners because of their easy replacement—with a large slab, any damage becomes extremely costly to repair or replace… damage to a tile requires only the repair or replacement of that one small piece, which saves a significant amount of money and stress over the state of your countertops and floors.  


If you’re working on styling your outdoor property, take a page from the Greek and Roman tradition of design and consider adding sculptures to your yard! Fountains, statues, simple pieces or complex, adding a beautiful stone feature to your space will add a classy, elegant feel as well as a unique focal point. While this stone is not easily damaged, its granular nature and porousness allow it to be cut and styled easier than many other stones, making it the perfect material for sculptures that will endure the elements for decades.


Finally, limestone is the perfect material for all your landscaping needs. Its natural color and texture compliment the earthy tones and feel of the outdoors while also providing some structural design. Paver stones are a common landscaping strategy for guiding visitors’ eyes (and often the visitor themselves!) through your yard. You can also use limestone slabs to line garden beds, establish walls against different gradients of your outdoor property, create a firepit for evening entertainment, or offer seating like benches. Limestone Is the perfect material to elevate your yard design with a natural source everyone is sure to admire.

Convinced limestone may be the material for your indoor or outdoor space? (Or even both?) Koliqi Marble Ltd is your best source for this beautiful stone that you are guaranteed to love in your design. Let us help you with whatever stone-related project you have in mind! 

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