Introducing 5 New Silestone Eternal Collection Colours

 In Silestone Surface

Free SampleSilestone is one of the top quality quartz brands we fabricate here at KML. Their Eternal Collection has been a big hit with our customers, and we’re excited to say that Silestone recently added to the range. They have chosen five new colours for this stunning collection of quartz, which is their first collection to have veining and highlights through the whole material, giving it a more natural look. The new colours include Bianco Calacatta, Classic Calacatta, Desert Silver, Eternal Emperador, and Eternal Marfil.

  • Bianco Calacatta

Choose this colour for a soft grey background and striking, thick veins in a darker hue. This striking style can’t help but draw the eye.

  • Classic Calacatta

Classic Calacatta offers a softer and warmer option. The lighter contrast between the primary colour and the shade of the veins through the quartz gives a translucent look for more authenticity.

  • Desert Silver

This subtle hue is a sophisticated choice for anyone looking for an icy cool feel for their worktops. The finer veins give a marbled look that will complement any kitchen.

  • Eternal Emperador

Warmth and elegance await you with this tobacco brown, offset by lighter, fine veins throughout the material. This colour is excellent if you want a darker marble look, which is on-trend for 2018.

  • Eternal Marfil

Get a lighter warmth with this cream option. Create a calm and relaxing space with this natural aesthetic.

These beautiful quartz worktops surfaces are manufactured using Silestone N-Boost technology. Cosentino’s own patented method, this technology enhances the performance and the look of the material by altering it at a molecular level. The results include greater colour saturation and a brilliant lustre, plus better water repellant capabilities. These natural quartz products are highly resistant to scratches and impact and come with a 25-year warranty to guarantee their superior quality.

“Cosentino’s investment in R&D to develop the complex full body designs of the Silestone® Eternal Collection has received wide recognition by consumers, architects and designers alike. We are delighted to present these new Eternal colours and we look forward to the collection’s continued success in 2018”, says Valentin Tijeras, VP Global Product and R&D.

If you’re looking for new worktops that combine a stunning natural look with affordability and excellent quality, the Silestone Eternal Collection will deliver. The five new colours are a welcome addition to the collection, offering even more choice to our discerning customers. Natural quartz is a great option to balance cost and quality, and Silestone’s manufacturing process ensures durability and a high-quality aesthetic for years to come.

Choose KML Worktops to source your brand new worktops to ensure top quality. We only source the best materials, including Silestone worktops, and we fabricate all of our worktops in our factory in Wembley. Our fully comprehensive service takes care of everything for you within a week, right up to installation.

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