Marble Vs Granite: Detailed Comparison Between Marble and Granite

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Free SampleMarble and granite, both have a lot of similarities and differences. If you were to choose one material for your kitchen worktop or countertop, you could get confused between marble and granite because of their features. Marble and Granite both are attractive, beautiful the home and are easy to use and maintain. It is hard to say which one is better and which not. A lot of people who prefer a contemporary look opt for granite stone as it is pocket-friendly and does not cost much (including the cost of maintenance), but marble finds its place on royal homes or people who like to invest in luxury items. What makes people choose between one of them when they have similar features?

Marble vs Granite – What is the point of difference between marble and granite?

Marble Worktops

A detailed analysis of the pros and cons of marble and granite will help us better in comparing both the materials.

1. Physical features-

Both granite worktops and marble worktops are elegant in style and have a sober charm to them. Marble is known for its exquisite shine and gloss whereas granite has a grainy texture that makes it stands out among its counterparts. If you see closely, the patterns in marble are larger and the ones in granite look textured which looks good in homes. Marbles are mostly used in monuments, luxurious buildings or office spaces. Granite, on the other hand, is well suited for homebase kitchen worktop solutions.

2. Durability-

Generally, marble worktop and granite countertop are durable and can handle heat up to a certain temperature. But granite is harder than marble which makes it more resistant to scratches and chipping work. At times we tend to use worktop recklessly and with a lot of force. Granite can handle such force and does not get damaged easily.  With granite, you do not have to worry about maintenance, and it can go on for years. Marble, as compared to granite, is a soft stone. You have to be cautious while using knife, forks, and force. Be very careful because with hot pans because it directly hampers the stone. Exotic gold vein granite countertop is a gentle worktop that requires generous handling. 

Maintenance required is less in case of granite kitchen worktops because it can be easily sealed and wiped using a cloth to remove the stains. If we talk about marble maintenance, marble comes in contact with acidic materials, it can be easily ruined.

Marble is one stone that, if installed at home, can enhance the overall appeal of the house. But you will have to be very careful about choosing the accessories to sync with marble countertop. White marble looks exquisite, and other interior décor options have to be carefully chosen. That might call for additional investment. Calculate your total investment limit before opting for marble countertop.

3. Prices –

Marble kitchen worktops are expensive as compared to granite. Granite starts at an average of 75$ per square foot where as marble starts at 110$ at an average. The process reflects the complexity of installation and maintenance also, hence marble is comparatively expensive than granite.


It is like choosing between your favorite pieces of stones. Marble and granite, both are most comply used countertops by people and chosen by many characteristics, main being durability, the investment required and physical traits. Based on the above analysis for marble vs granite, you can go on and select any one of them for your house.

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