Kitchen Design Ideas: Top 7 Kitchen Remodel or Kitchen Renovation Trends

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Kitchen Remodel – How do I start to remodel my kitchen?

Free SampleThe art of kitchen remodel or renovation requires artistic acumen, research on kitchen design ideas or catchy kitchen remodel ideas and the latest kitchen trends. You should replace an outdated, dysfunctional small kitchen space with designs that are befitting to the present scenario. In contrast to the bygone concepts, the primary focus of today revolves around a kitchen that should be instrumental and stylish. The decade-old idea of a kitchen tucked at the back of the house with full of dirty dishes is gone. As with contemporary kitchen remodel trends, homeowners are now more interested in simple and clean styles combined with smart appliances and sufficient natural light for an overall appeal.

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Smart Kitchen Design: Smart Home Appliances

There is not a spectrum of doubt that technology is ruling in every sphere of life. The kitchen is one such evolving space where technology is playing a key role. Today, you can enjoy a smart kitchen with revolutionising smart kitchen design concepts taking over the appliances, functionality and designs of the space. You can find a lot of kitchen remodel ideas that host smart home appliances, including sensors, smart kitchen gadgets, motion-sensed faucets and much more.

For instance, place your hand beneath the motion-sensed faucets and you will see how water automatically flows by sensing the presence of your hand. The programmed refrigerators alert you when grocery items are running low. There are programs that direct the refrigerator coffee machine to ready you a cup of coffee when you wake up.

Lighting is another intriguing aspect of a smart kitchen. In other cases, you can monitor your food through connected ovens. Hence, these smart home appliances that have in-built intelligence ensure a convenient and luxury kitchen remodel structure for homeowners.

Creating a well round off smart kitchen design is easy only if you consider taking small steps at a time. Adding devices and appliances helps you understand and adopt newer technologies in the smart kitchen design.

Kitchen Worktops: What is the best work surface for a kitchen?

Choosing the right material for kitchen worktops depend upon factors like the type of the material and its pros and cons. The common work surface material options for kitchen include granite, marble, laminate, stone, wood, composite material and so on. Quartz kitchen worktops are fuss-free, man-made composites that ensure durability and easy maintenance. Natural stones, such as granite and marble serve as amazing looking kitchen worktops known for their ethereal appeal. As opposed to these natural and man-made composites, laminates are much cheaper. Using laminate kitchen worktops has the advantage of emulating hundreds of other material finishes. Also, concrete and steel are becoming increasingly popular these days. Thus, after assessing each material, its benefits and costs, you should make a choice.

Granite and Quartz Worktops

Granite and quartz worktops are hugely in demand owing to the many benefits they have to offer. While quartz is an engineered stone, granite is naturally mined that comes with its share of pros and cons. Choose quartz to remodel your kitchen if you favour tough-wearing surfaces and avoid recurring expenses in the long run. However, consider using granite worktops if you want a solid stone with versatility pattern and colour options. Here is a recapitulation of why to select quartz worktops:

• Look and feel like a natural stone
• A great alternative to marble and granite
• Natural quartz fortified with resins create hard-wearing surfaces
• Help create customizable worktops
• Offer antibacterial properties
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Come in an unrestricted range of patterns and colours

Why choose granite worktops:
• Beautiful, stylish and is suited for lavish design schemes
• Tough, durable and heat-resistant
• Boast of antibacterial properties
• Ensure easy maintenance
• Aesthetically pleasing

If your kitchen demands heavy-duty activities, take quartz into account for its natural shiny armour, toughness and stain-resistant attribute. Otherwise, the appeal of granite lies in its purely natural state.

Kitchen Cabinets: What is the latest kitchen cabinet colors?

Dressing up the kitchen cabinets play a vital role in transforming your kitchen looks. Aside from appliances, worktops, floors, walls and ceilings; the cabinets are important in reinventing a look that sets your kitchen apart.

Some of the intriguing kitchen cabinet colors doing the rounds include white, black, wood and grey. White cabinets coordinate perfectly with a contemporary setting. Grey, on the contrary, is an offbeat color choice but has got a unique style and personality. Many homeowners prefer black cabinet paint since it promises easy maintenance as you need not worry about the visible fingerprints. Light coloured woods work for many owing to its perfect coordination with any kitchen remodel style.

White and Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

White colored kitchen cabinets make it look spacious and amazingly bright. The combination of white and dark Gray kitchen cabinet colors can create a striking allure. White worktops complemented with gray cabinets create a gentle contrast for the perfect kitchen design. The color white used on the upper walls and cabinets with grey used for the cupboards and lower cabinets make it feel bright and light.

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

You should find ways to contrast two different kitchen cabinets colors. For instance, the perfect combo of blue and white in kitchen cabinet colors creates a vibrant burst that looks classy. You always have the choice to highlight one color over the other. For instance, highlighting the upper kitchen cabinets in blue, while the lower cabinets in white create creative space.

Wood and Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever considered the wood and glass look for kitchen cabinets? Too much use of wood makes it look rustic, so combine it with glass-front cabinets and sleek lines. Using unique design patterns and uncommon kitchen cabinet colors will let your kitchen space stand out of the rest.

Green and White Kitchen Cabinets

Include green as part of your remodeling plan. It is a cool cabinet paint that invites a rejuvenating look instantly. With the kitchen cabinets painted in green suited with white worktops, the overall look is indeed assuring and dramatically appealing. Instead of the conventional, black, white, blue hues, choose green for a unique look.

Blue and Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Blue and yellow- the combination may sound absolutely unmatched but believe it, it works wonders! Among the various contrasting choice of kitchen cabinet colors available, blue and yellow can paint the most colorful kitchen ever. How about blue kitchen cabinets and yellow wall paints? Sounds vivacious for the risk lovers.

Kitchen Appliances – What kitchen appliances do I need?

For years, the kitchen has been a boring place filled with dirty dishes and unending chores to finish. Nonetheless, the concept of the kitchen has taken over a dramatic change with modern kitchen appliances and dramatic kitchen remodel trends ruling the space. Be it automatic coffee makers or programmed refrigerators, the kitchen appliances have become smart machines. You can now easily access technology-integrated appliances online or regulate the lighting or the functions of kitchen appliances with remote control. Even the refrigerators can alert you about the grocery list or monitor the eggs to tell you which are bad. Electrical appliances have, indeed, taken the kitchen by storm.

Stainless Steel vs. White Appliances

Homeowners are mostly interested in choosing neutral kitchen appliances, including stainless steel, black and white options. While stainless steel appliances match countertops, sinks, cupboards in a striking way, white appliances hide fingerprints and add brightness to any kitchen space. Stainless steel, however, appeals to the young generation and it renders a high-end feeling.

Stainless Steel: Are stainless steel appliances still popular?

Stainless steel has a high-end feeling to it that adds a timeless look to any drab looking space. Since the young generation prefers to have chic decor, be it for their bedrooms or the kitchen, stainless steel work for them. The market is now replete with trendy looking stainless models that come with new technology and built-in screen. The only drawback with stainless steel is that the material attracts fingerprints and smudges easily, so be prompt to wipe it away instantly. It is, however, the perfect neutral shade that smoothly fits into any kitchen remodel concept.

White Appliances: Do white appliances look good with white cabinets?

The colour white is the new storyteller in your kitchen. White appliances lend a timeless, charming quality to create a retro design for fashion lovers. Emerged in the purity and bliss of pure white, kitchen appliances look all the more appealing, especially when combined with striking colors. Choosing white cabinets is a reassuring change for a modern kitchen design update. The colour not just transforms but brightens the whole space. Is your kitchen small? White helps to add more space to it with white appliances working up magic. For the discerning eyes, choose white kitchen appliances and make a difference.

Flooring Options: Hardwood vs. Laminate or Floor Tiles

Some may prefer hardwood flooring against laminate flooring or white marble flooring, but the choice depends upon several factors. Hardwood floors are available in great natural beauty, amazing colour options and styles. However, hardwood is expensive, while laminate floors are affordable, yet they mirror the look of pure wood. You may, however, opt for natural stones or floor tiles for their versatility of colours, shapes, sizes, and so on.

Hardwood Flooring: What are the advantages of wooden flooring?

Wood has a lasting charm that cannot be replaced. Having hardwood flooring at home adds to many advantages. The material is tough and can withstand repeated wear and tear. The good news is it can be refinished over many times without damaging its quality. Using wooden floor tiles is a great trend, given its rich look and several pros.

Laminate Flooring: Which is better hardwood or laminate?

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to hardwood. Using laminate floors or tiles reflects the sheer charm and aura of pure wood. The plus point is that it is far less expensive than wood, yet visually striking. Using inner cork sub-floor underneath a wide plank laminate flooring helps to reduce echoes or noises emitted from movements on it. Pets too pose as a problem for hardwood floors, whereas laminates are highly durable. It is worth mentioning that laminate offers stain, moisture, and scratch-resistant flooring attributes that make it easy for anyone to move around and not fear of spillages. These days shopkeepers are keen on using laminate flooring stores to manage heavy and congested footfalls with ease.

Floor Tiles: Is ceramic tile OK for the kitchen floor?

Ceramic flooring is not commonly used in residences and offices. They are quite economical and are generously used in various spaces. The advantages of ceramic tile include its durability, affordability and easy to maintain characteristic. Due to its availability in different sizes, a ceramic tile proves to be quite handy. It can be used in bathrooms and kitchens and is appreciated for its numerous colours and designs. You can find ceramic tiles in both glazed and unglazed versions with low maintenance requirements. While the glazed layer is resistant to stains, the unglazed tiles make it a bit difficult to maintain because it can get stained quickly.

Undermount Sink vs. Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Is an under-mount sink better?

Popular for its sleek look, the under-mount sink is a pretty picture for kitchen renovation. It offers easy cleanup task with little room for dirt to accumulate in any crevices which are actually missing from these sinks. The biggest attraction of an under-mount sink is its streamlined look with a sophisticated edge to its appeal. Mounting the faucet on the wall behind an under-mount sink works perfectly. True indeed that the sink is the right blend of style and practicality. However, do bear in mind that the installation of under-mount sinks is a bit expensive but the ultimate result is commendable.

Apron Front Kitchen Sink: What is an apron front sink?

An apron front kitchen sink is appreciated for its distinct looks that feature a front-facing side. When installed, the apron front sink has the feeling of jutting out of the countertop as if a portion of the kitchen counter has been sliced out. This offers more surface area since the apron front kitchen sink looks comfortably seated on a spacious countertop island. Do choose the apron front sink for a sleek, yet vintage appeal.

Kitchen Wallpaper vs Kitchen Paint: Which is Better Paint or Wallpaper?

Kitchen Wallpaper: Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

There is an ongoing debate over choosing between kitchen wallpaper and kitchen paint for kitchen renovation. Kitchen wallpaper is always a thumb up choice among popular kitchen trends. Wallpapers prove right for the wall that has imperfections, like cracks, etc. For a trendier look, the wallpaper is a subtle choice. However, make sure you use vinyl-based wall covering.

Kitchen Paint: What Color to Paint Kitchen?

Using kitchen paint is a great way of adding more character to a small space. Mix and match kitchen paint colours with the styles and hues of Worktops, cabinets and kitchen floors. The scope of creativity is immense with fabulous patterns of kitchen colour schemes. Painting the room with a busy pattern of busty colours can make it look overwhelming. However, make sure that you use a reliable formula that comes with a wipe able sheen and can resist moisture. After all, you should colour kitchen space with something impressive and equally long-lasting.


The kitchen is the most used space in the entire house. It is the meeting point of friends, families and colleagues. You need to wisely choose a kitchen remodel that is in sync with the latest kitchen renovation ideas in all aspects, be it wall paints, Worktops, appliances or faucets. Next time, you consider a kitchen renovation style, talk to an expert for fruitful advice. At the end of day, the kitchen remodel ideas should be attuned to your demands and perceptions.

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