How to make your Quartz worktops clean and shine?

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Free SamplePicking Quartz Worktops for your kitchen is a very smart choice. It is easy to clean quartz worktops with cleaning products because these are durable, stronger and lesser prone to damage. There is also no problem of bacteria getting harbored beneath the surface or of spillage which can cause permanent stains because of the non-porous quality of Quartz. It is also scratch resistant which makes it the perfect pick for the kitchen because of all the heating and chopping.

How to Clean Quartz Worktops

So keeping the Quartz worktops clean can be a bit problematic for many but it can be tackled by following the method of quartz cleaner.

  • Use Warm Water to Clean Quartz Worktops

    Always use warm and soapy water to clean your quartz worktops. Because Quartz is heat and scratch resistant, there is no need to worry about harming the surface by doing some “rough” cleaning. Quartz is very strong material for that.

    If there are some areas which are harder to clean then just apply some small amount of vinegar to the spot and leave a wet rag sitting on top for several minutes, it will help to loosen the stains and make quartz shine. 

  • Use Standard Dish Wash Soap as a Quartz Worktop Cleaner

    Use standard dish soap rather than using any kind of oil based soaps for cleaning because oil-based soaps are designed to soak in (that is why used on porous surfaces) and not to be completely removed. Using them on Quartz Worktops may lessen the shine of the surface.

  • Quartz is Non-Porous in Nature

    Quartz is non-porous in nature. Therefore, nothing gets absorbed into the countertop. It is important to rinse the Quartz Worktops thoroughly with a sponge to scrub its surface and wipe the water out with a dry cloth. There should be no streaks when it is thoroughly dried.

    It is also important to disinfect your Quartz Worktops in the kitchen because they keep on coming in contact with poultry, fish, meat, etc. Use a paper towel to wipe up the residual moisture. Then spray some antibacterial spray cleaner on the surface and allow it to stand for few seconds and then wipe it with a clean paper towel. You can also use bleach-free disinfecting wipes to disinfect the Quartz Worktops.

  • Use Spray Window Cleaner

    The kitchen is the perfect place for some uninvited grease which gets dispersed through the air while cooking and by settling on the surfaces, creates a film of grease. That is why spray window cleaners can be used as a better option to clean Quartz Worktops because they fight tough stains and grease marks.  All you need to do is to spray window cleaner over the worktop and wipe them. Prevent yourself from over spraying the window cleaner otherwise; it will be hard to remove the excessive amount. Slowly, wipe the surface with a soft, dry, clean cloth, and you will get a streak free shiny countertop after everything is dried up.

    If you are afraid of using spray window cleaner because of all the chemicals and all, then there is nothing to worry. Many chemical free, organic and natural window cleaners are also available in the stores these days.

    Quartz countertop always comes well polished from the manufacturing company using a sealing surface polish. So avoid using more polish on the surface. Adding more polish will just create excessive buildup which will worsen the look of your Quartz surface worse.

    Quartz Worktops are a stunning addition to any house. Compared to any other material, it is low maintenance. It never needs to be sealed, unlike others. Therefore, with the above techniques and using the right cleaning products, you can keep clean quartz worktops and shining for a longer time.

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