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Neolith Estatuario

NeolithPorcelain / Ceramic
  • 12mm
  • 30mm

Neolith Estatuario Worktops for Your Home

Customers often look for a material that gives a silky finish like that of porcelain intermitted with myriad veining combinations when it comes to ordering their kitchen worktops or adorning the spaces in the interior of their homes or offices. Welcome to the world of Neolith Estatuario that was first introduced in the world of design and architecture way back in 2010 and continues to grow in popularity since then.

Revelling in the glaze of our natural stones and slabs

Available in three different dimensions of 3200x1500mm, 3200x1600mm and 3200x1200mm, these stones can be used to create large surfaces seamlessly. The thickness of the stone enables scope for multiple applications. Deemed as a reinterpretation of the much acclaimed Carrara marble, the pure white background with thick grey veins only adds to the elegance of the stone. The Neolith Estatuario stones can be cut and shaped as per requirement and taste. It is durable like any other natural stone material with a lustre that exudes a brilliant look. 

The best kitchen worktops do not happen just by chance. With efforts and proficiency that match international quality standards, we ensure that our products satisfy our customers and serve the purpose for which they are bought.

Product Neolith Estatuario
Material Neolith, Porcelain / Ceramic
Finish Options Matt/Honed, Polished
Thickness Options 12mm, 30mm
Colour Options Grey, White
Application Bathroom, Kitchen


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