Kitchen Styles to Match Your Marble

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Marble worktops are both a functional and a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Some marble types, however, may complement your kitchen style better than others. Here are a few examples of popular kitchen styles and the marble that will match it best (or vice versa!)

The Classic Kitchen

Classic kitchens are characterised by a primarily white or off-white base colour, allowing for versatility in simple décor. These kitchens are easy to personalise and are standardised for full function in smaller to average size areas. The simplicity of classic style aesthetic is best created through white or black marble. Emperador marble comes in black, is subtly textured and extremely durable, making it a very popular choice for worktops. Carrara marble is another popular option for white marble, but is more porous than other types like emperador, meaning it may require more care. Keeping to neutral colours with little varying in visual texture allows for a clean look that adheres to the simple composition of classic style kitchen.

The Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re wanting a kitchen style that invites warmth, colour, and rustic charm, the farmhouse kitchen may be your best option! Farmhouse kitchens emphasise comfort and more antiquated materials, utilising wooden floors and features, vintage decoration, and more color than many other kitchen styles. Marble is characteristically a colder, harder material than farmhouse warmth may ask for, but there are options that can contribute well to the style without detracting from the feel. Darker tones like browns, beiges and blacks maintain that stylistic requirement—options like caramel marble, toffee marble, and strata argentum marble come in deep, rich shades with flowing, grain-like textures. Use these for countertops or backsplashes to bring out the same deep, rich feeling of farmhouse charm.

The Contemporary Kitchen

This “new age” style is growing in popularity for houses of all types in all locations. Sleek, shiny, minimalist, and employing strong lines to create the feeling of elongated space, contemporary kitchens strive for a kind of refined casualness. They often use cooler tones and modern, edgy adornment. As for the countertops, marble is a must! White and black can easily complement any contemporary aesthetic, but mixing it up with a black-and-white mixed marble like arabescato or calacatta, or a bold green like verde fun, can add a creativity to the space that turns “contemporary” from simply cool to something unique and innovative!

If you have your kitchen’s style already in mind, consider matching your marble to its surroundings to achieve a well-balanced and finished look. Ready to explore your marble options? Check out these stone worktop materials for an extensive list!

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