New Trends in Bathroom Styles

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Styling such a small space as a bathroom can feel overwhelming—too much décor can make the space feel chaotic, too little design and the room may feel overly sterile and uncomfortable. Here are a few examples of new and popular bathroom styles you can use in your own home that will dress up your space beautifully!

Floating Vanities

Turn the staple elements of your bathroom into some of the unique elements of your bathroom! The centerpiece of this space is the vanity: lighting, mirrors and the sink fixture create a triad that is frequently used for a variety of needs! Floating vanities are mounted directly onto the wall rather than installed on the flooring. This simple switch adds a more luxury-feel to a piece that is otherwise standard! Use any of the materials that you love already; the “floating” aspect does not restrict the make-up of the counters, sink or storage. You can also make singular parts of your vanity “floating”, such as installing the bowl of your sink on top of the counter rather than embedded in it.

Quartz Counters

Stone countertops are another widely popular option for modern bathroom styles. Quartz is a material that comes in hundreds of colors, patterns, textures and can be further varied with a number of “finishing” options. Whatever your colour scheme, you can find a quartz to match it perfectly. Stone counters are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom, and offer the added benefits of being the most durable bathroom surface available. Because quartz is non-porous, it rejects any water or bacteria from sinking into the surface! This makes cleaning and sanitization easier and safer. The size of bathroom counters is small enough that slabs of quartz for these surfaces are much more affordable than larger areas like kitchens or workspaces.

Wall Tiles

Tiles come in a number of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Whether you use them to line a small strip of your wall, an entire shower wall, or a backsplash on your vanity, tiles can be intricately placed to provide a visually interesting design to your space without overwhelming your walls with decorations. Use them as an accent color, or as a functional part of your bathroom’s purposes—tiles are water resistant and require straightforward, infrequent maintenance to stay looking nice!

Explore the many styles and trends making their way into modern bathroom design! Check out these Bathroom Worktops to get you started as you create a design you will love. 

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