White Marble Worktops

The luminescence of marble explains its extensive use in creating work surfaces. However, its use in kitchens is highly debated owing to greater resilience of its counterparts including granite and natural quartz. While marble owes its whiteness to its crystalline limestone nature, its solidity has ensured a great cooking performance and a smooth feel. Customers who have used white marble worktops in their kitchens before and recommend their use to both friends and relatives.

Including the essence of white marble worktop in your kitchen
Interior decorators designing bespoke kitchens continue to endorse the use of white marble worktops in kitchens and other interior applications. They cite the availability of the material at almost every price range and durability of the material that explains its extensive use in both homes and offices. The relative softness that enables stone craftsmen to cut it and design it according to customers’ needs. Moreover, the porous nature of the material explains its greater resistance to heat and high temperatures. Add its ability to keep cool, thus, explaining the stone’s increasing use among our customers.

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