Get Your Kitchen Design Right with White Worktops

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White worktops can give your kitchen the clean and fresh look you want. To some people, the idea of white surfaces in the kitchen might seem like a nightmare. However, as long as you wipe them quickly and often, you can keep them in excellent condition. Working from the starting point of white worktops, you can come up with some creative ideas for how to style the rest of your kitchen. They lend themselves to a modern look, but they can still look incredible as part of a number of other styles too. Try these ideas to help you decide what you could do with your worktops if you decide you want them white.

Cool and Contemporary

White is often best used for a contemporary kitchen design. You could have your whole kitchen white, or perhaps go for a monochrome effect with both black and white. White could be the perfect choice if you have a smaller kitchen because it can help to emphasise the light and make the room look bigger. Other tricks can make a kitchen appear larger too, such as using glass cupboard doors or open shelving. A high shine on your white kitchen is excellent for giving it a lighter look too.

Scandinavian Inspiration

Scandinavian design has been popular for a while, but it has been even more so in the last few years. From Scandi minimalism to hygge, our Nordic cousins seem to know how to style a home. If you don’t want your kitchen to be entirely white, taking some inspiration from countries like Sweden could help you out. Swedish design often starts out with a white background, but then adds colour using furniture and accessories. You can have white walls, worktops and cupboards, and even a white floor, then add accent colours with shelving, appliances, and even by displaying your pots and pans, utensils, and crockery.

Warm Colours for a Vintage Feel

Another way to add colour if you want to have white worktops is to look for the warm colours that will lend a vintage feel. If you want to have a major part of your kitchen white, you can still make sure the room doesn’t look too cold. A deep blue for your cupboards could be all you need to create a warmer look and feel. Use vintage touches if you don’t want to make your kitchen too contemporary. For example, a copper pendant light could add just the right element.

Add Wood for Extra Warmth

If you don’t want to go vintage but you still want to add warmth to your kitchen, using wood is a great way to do it. You have lots of different types and colours of wood to choose from, whether you want something dark and smooth or lighter, with plenty of natural grain showing. You can use wood for your floors, cupboards, table and chairs, and other furniture, such as sideboards (if you have space).

Don’t be afraid of choosing white for your kitchen worktops. There are plenty of ways you can create the perfect look.

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