Shapes and Sizes You Can Try With Stone

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Because of its density, source-size, and overall mass, you may (like many) believe stone to be too limited in its design abilities. You might be surprised by the ways you can style, create, and manipulate stone to fit your vision of whatever room or space you have in mind! Here are a few ways you can mix up the shapes and sizes of your stone pieces to fit the design you want.

Custom Shapes

If you are aiming to create a unique focal point or overall look for a kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home using stone, let shape be a tool for you! Varying shapes or implementing more creative shapes than the average rectangles usually used in design will set apart your design as unique. All stone can be cut to fit into the intricate or oddly-angled corners of your rooms, where counters are meant to be flush against walls. Kitchen islands are another great opportunity for stone—try circular, square or even hexagonal slabs to get that fun, different focal piece for your room!

Varying Size

Mixing up the sizes of your stone pieces is another great way to create visual interest in a space. A “tile” effect can be achieved through utilizing varying sizes of slabs for counters, floors, and backsplashes, which is a more creative installation of stone than just one slab at a time. There is some misconception about the availability or capability of sizing your stone… your design expectations can be met easily with just about any stone! As large or as small as you want it, these pieces can be mixed, matched, and made exactly to your needs.

Creative Design Elements

Don’t let the rigidity of stone make your designs rigid too. Explore the various options and ideas that others have used stone for to spark your own ideas for interesting pieces. Consider using stone for the entirety of a kitchen “island” rather than just a top slab! Use it for stairs inside or outside, for entire walls as an accent or statement piece, for window wells or deck borders or whatever comes to mind. Each of these settings is a great opportunity to mix up the sizes and shapes of your stone to create a design as intricate or as big and bold as you want!

Check out some of our kitchen designs to help you brainstorm what kinds of stone will work best for your own home, and let Koliqi Marble Ltd make your stone designs happen!

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