Durable and Stylish Silestone to Suit All Kitchen Styles

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Silestone is the brand of a quartz workshop which makes a special kind of stone. It has a composition of 90% ground natural courts, as well as granite, resin, antibacterial agent, and pigment.

Silestone Worktops Benefits

A silestone quartz worktop has many benefits.

The product is highly stain resistant because quartz naturally has immunity to stay resistance, stopping bacteria, liquid and dirt from taking hold. The quartz composition also means that these worktops have a high level of resistance to acid because quartz is actually the hardest mineral on the planet.

These kinds of materials are also incredibly durable, and very scratch resistant. However, despite being such a tough material, it’s incredibly flexible, coming in a wide range of different colours. There are more than 90 colours and three different surface finishes available.

The slabs are available in a range of different shapes and thicknesses. It’s also quite cost-effective, because it is low maintenance, durable, but also affordable considering its many benefits.

Silestone and Various Kitchen Styles

As a type of material for use as a worktop, this is highly durable and very versatile. You can fit it into practically any kind of space because it has many different colours.

For example, if you implemented it in a rustic setting, you could go for something in earthtones. Alternatively, you can use brighter tones for a more modern, upscale kitchen. The different types of thicknesses also lend themselves well to different types of kitchens.

Uses of Silestone in Your House

A silestone quartz worktop is a beautiful material. However, the material can also be used in a range of other settings and in different ways because it is easy to work with.

This is a material which is popular with countertops, but people also use it for sinks, wall cladding, shower trays, flooring, and kitchen and bathrooms. It’s a very flexible material, because it is durable, stain resistant, and non-porous.

Silestone Colours Available

The great thing about a silestone quartz worktop is that it can come in a range of colours.

It’s definitely easy to pick and choose a lot of great options because there are so many different colours. The shades and textures come in a wide range of hues across the whole spectrum.

This definitely works in the favour of the material because you can use it in most places. You can use darker tones from rustic settings, and then brighter tones in modern areas. Further helping the flexibility of the material is the fact that there are multiple shades that are quite similar, so if one just isn’t quite right, you can change it for a different one.

How to Clean Silestone

With a lot of materials, there is often a danger when cleaning that you will inadvertently damage the material with cleaning products, because lots of them contain acids and acidic compounds. Thankfully, this is not a concern here.

Being acid-resistant, this is an ideal material for cleaning. You can pretty much use any kind of cleaning material or cleaning method to get this clean, and there will be very little evidence of damage.

Naturally, repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals will eventually erode the material down over time, but it will get to the point where you can just replace it for minimal cost.

Obviously, safer cleaning materials with less acidic compounds will help to extend the lifespan and keep it looking great, so they are recommended, but you can probably claim this with just about anything and get good results.

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