Ways to Save on Stone

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Stone is a beautiful addition to any home—but the price can deter many people from making the investment. However, stone doesn’t have to be unattainable! You can fulfil your interior design vision still, with a few simple ways to save on stone.

Raw Edges

The edging of your countertops is an aspect of the stone installation that can vary widely in the price range. Different finishes require different amounts of work, tools, and care—therefore some are significantly pricier than others. Raw edges (edges where the stone is broken and chipped off to create a more natural, rough stone look) is one of the easier ways edging can be created, because it simply requires chipping and minor sanding. Soo, not only do you achieve a unique and natural look to add some interest and texture to your kitchen, but you also get a one of a kind piece of art!

Allow Seams

Consider using smaller, leftover chunks from your contracting company’s previous jobs. These smaller, leftover slabs will sell for less than newly cut pieces! While many do not like the idea of “seams” in their countertops, where slabs come together, the visual effect is almost unnoticeable… and even if it is noticed, does not have to be an “unappealing” or awkward look. If done well with the right stonemasons, your seams can look intentionally styled and unobtrusive to the overall look of your worktops. You get the benefit of cheaper stone that looks just as beautiful as an “uninterrupted” piece!

Artificially Made Stone

Finally, you might consider using artificially made stone instead of natural. Natural stone is significantly higher priced because it occurs naturally and therefore must be mined and cut from a finite source. Synthetic stone, on the other hand, is created in a fraction of the time and offers the same benefits of natural stone! It can come in a variety of colors and textures, can be cut to bespoke sizes, is non porous and scratch resistant, lasts for decades, and looks beautiful in any style of room. Plus, this stone can be manufactured to actually be lighter than natural stone without losing the durability, meaning installation is safer for your home! Artificial stone is also much cheaper than any natural stone, making it affordable for lower price ranges.

You can find a variety of artificial stone options like Dekton, Neolith or Quartz and more at Koliqi Marble Ltd. Look into your options and find a style that works for you, at a price that works for you!

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