Stone for Fireplaces

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A fireplace is often considered the “heart of the home.” This focal point conveys charm and warmth that welcomes pleasant relaxation to its room. If you are considering installing a fireplace into your home, make sure you use the best material available—stone! Here are some important details about using stone for your fireplace.


The slabs of stone you use will be fitted into a wide cut out from your wall; the foundation is usually brick or concrete. As with any stone installation, you’ll need to prepare your entire house for the major demolition and construction involved with such a heavy and dense material. Protect your floors and walls with covers, and clear pathways entirely from your entrance to your fireplace area. Stone installation can get very dusty, very quickly… in fact, you may even want to turn off your central air system so that dust is contained in one area as best as possible.

Best Types

Most stone options are heat resistant enough to work well for your fireplace. Popular choices for stone (especially for aesthetic or design purposes) include granite, limestone, marble, and travertine. All of these are equal in effectiveness, so you can choose what you want based on look and pricing! Granite is raw and more porous, so you can achieve a rougher, more natural effect. Limestone and travertine are lighter in colour than many stones, providing the elegant feel that many want from their fireplace. And, of course, marble’s beautiful texture is a gorgeous option for any fireplace. Keep in mind though that the upkeep for marble is a little more intensive than granite! If maintenance is a priority for you, you may want to stick to something that remains bright and unmarred by fire and smoke.


This is not a project for the untrained! Hire professionals to design, cut and carry the stone slabs into your home and install them into your walls safely and without damage to your home. It is well worth the investment of professional care to have your home safe and your fireplace done right! If getting large slabs through your home is a concern, consider using stone tiles instead– both slabs and tiles can achieve a classic and beautiful look for this feature.

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