What You Should Know About Porcelain Worktops

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Porcelain is increasingly popular in modern design for its versatility in style and use. This artificially-made stone is a great material for any bathroom or kitchen worktop! Here are a few things you should know if you are considering porcelain for your counters or any other surface in your home.

Benefits of This Glassy Stone

Like stone, porcelain is lauded for its impressive lifespan and durability. Unlike many stone materials, porcelain is made from a ceramic clay that, when cured, becomes extremely resistant to abrasions or scratches. In addition, it lacks the porousness that stone contains, which means it will repel any chemicals, liquids or solutions instead of absorbing them. Not only does this ensure a completely hygienic worktop for any cooking needs, but spills are also the leading causes of deterioration and staining, so your counters will be safe from those frustrating spills or chips. For aesthetic purposes, porcelain can be manipulated during its creation to mimic the swirled or sparkling look of marble, granite and quartz. For both longevity and visual appeal, porcelain can do it all and can do it better than many other materials.


Putting in such thick, huge slabs of stone usually takes a lot of time, for a variety of reasons. Porcelain’s versatility, weight and manmade benefits eliminate the long wait-time that often happens with normal countertop installation. This stone-like material can be created in large slabs—so instead of using multiple chunks to cover one counter area, you can use one piece and thereby streamline the installation process. While its cutting and maneuvering require professional work (that may cost you a notable amount), your porcelain pieces can be installed directly over your existing counter space, which also shortens the installation time.

Care Tips to Keep It Clean

One of the best aspects of porcelain is its ease in cleaning. The non-porous, naturally repellent surface that requires no protective sealing needs only a simple wipe-down with a harmless solution to achieve a perfectly safe, healthy and spotless countertop. Microfiber cloths with a basic water and vinegar, plain water, or neutral detergent solution are all it takes to disinfect and maintain the shine of your porcelain-anything. Even stubborn spots of dried-on food pieces should only require a coarse brush or sponge to remove!

When you’re ready to take advantage of the long list of benefits that come with porcelain worktops, look through the porcelain and ceramic worktop examples available at Koliqi Marble to get you started! 

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