White Bathroom Worktop

Exuding luxury in your dream home is easy with a white bathroom worktop. Think creatively and use the stone on walls or to create a niche to hold some exotic elements. Whatever you decide to do, you canbe assured KML worktops has the stone variety and the stonesmen to turn your idea into a reality.

We Offer the Best Selection in the Country

If there is a particular type of white gloss bathroom worktop that you are looking for, we will have it in the thickness, colour or finish required to make you home look the way you want it to. White as a colour will go perfectly with diferent floorings, mirror finishes and curtains. It will add a sense of space to a smaller bathroom or make a large one look luxurious. Additionally, a glossy worktop can be cut and polished to your specifications. It is easy to clean and does not stain easily.

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We are a leading supplier of marble, granite, quartz, and limestone worktops, flooring, and bathroom interiors in the UK. You can count on us to deliver qualit not only on the stone you buy but also in every aspect of our service.

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