Best kitchen Worktops Ideas on a Small Budget

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The kitchen is the center of your home. An old and drab looking kitchen is depressing and negatively speaks about your personal choice. The initial step to update this most crucial space is working up new worktop ideas. Not necessarily, it has to be expensive but budget-friendly kitchen worktops can still look good. Whether it is for bath or kitchen countertops, sporting faux granite or faux marble is a far cheaper alternative to the expensive and heavy-weight tiles. Read through these ideas to know how you can re-style your kitchen on a small budget.

Inexpensive worktop ideas

Countertop covers

Have you thought of covering the kitchen worktops? You can use different materials, such as fabric, metal, wood, or veneer to stylise the space and make it more functional. You can do some research on the internet to look for creative ideas. A professional is your best wingman in this case. Using inexpensive wood, covered with beautiful fabrics coupled with the right polish is sufficient to render the fashionable look.

Did you know you can cover the worktops with paper too? Check out the online videos that suggest how to decoupage without being too costly. For instance, use a foam roller on the completed surface and put several polyurethane sealer coats. In case, you are using fabric, make sure to wash it to help it preshrink. It also aids in eliminating the over-sized corners and sides. Nowadays, many buy kitchen worktops that are a good alternative to real quartz or marble. The paper illusion like faux marble is quite popular and is preferably used by many homeowners.

Painting the worktops

There is a tricky way of keeping the old worktops without marring the look of your kitchen. Painting is supposed to be the least expensive way to camouflage the eroded worktops in a refreshing way. The combined use of prime, paint, and sand works like magic, especially on linoleum and old wood countertops. Most households use creative ideas for kitchen worktops in the UK, and painting the old-styled surfaces is the first choice.

If you want to do it by yourself, try sanding the surface at first. However, avoid sandpapers with a rough grid, instead choose medium to fine grits that put less impact on the already eroded surface. The idea is about lightly scuffing up the surface so that paint and primer adhere to it gently. Remember, deep scratches and scars will show through the painted surface, making your effort go in vain.

Caution must be exercised when spraying paint or using brush painting for the countertops. The suggestion is to use a sealer or spray paint when applying paint or primer. It is also advised to use three to four coatings of polyurethane to seal the paint at the end. To prevent brush marks from appearing on the surface, protect the non-sprayed surfaces with painter’s tape or plastic.

Decals or papers

While the painting is a tough and painstaking job that needs to be done meticulously to achieve the perfect look, you can look for other alternatives. Using decals or tattoos is absolutely waterproof and easy to use. A variety of styles are available in this option that successfully enables to cover the ugly and outdated tiles while enhancing the beauty of the existing tiles.

Use the stone patterned or granite paper to cover the old worktops. When choosing the patterns, go for the small styles that appear more appealing than large-sized patterns. The polka dot paper covers are quite popular these days. If you want to go bold, choose a lot of patterns and colours. For a softer look, choose lighter shades that will help render a soothing effect to the kitchen. However, softer shades can look shabby quickly and need to be maintained.

Outdated countertops are not difficult to form in styles and create a new fashion statement. Consider the budget when remodeling your kitchen since the option is endless these days. From choosing stone kitchen worktops to granite, marble, quartz, glass, and wood; the varieties can be perplexing. If you are on a small budget, opt for ideas from professionals or the internet to get the best alternatives. It is not always rational to change the overall look of countertops just for a small chipped corner or unsightly laminate. During these times, the creative yet budget-friendly ideas work out seamlessly.

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