Popular Granite Worktops Colour Options You Can Choose

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Granite Worktop Colours for Kitchens

Free SampleAre you thinking of installing a new and more elegant worktop in your kitchen premises? If yes, be sure of choosing a reliable granite worktop colours for the kitchen. When it is about having a beautiful as well as a durable option for worktops, granite worktops are the best options. The beauty of the material is everlasting and no time can ever affect the elegance that it has.

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When it is about a kitchen premise, not everything works fine. It is the corner of the house where stains are common, scratches are usual, and cracks can be a normal phenomenon. Hence, finding something that can bear the extreme situations is a must so far as kitchen countertops are concerned. Granite is hard. This is what protects it from scratch and cracks. Secondly, it is heat-resistant, which allows it to bear even the most extreme hot bases of utensils.

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Besides the above-mentioned scratch-free and heat-resistant features, granite also has one more quality. That is, the stone is available in different shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, and colours. As a result, when you are ready to install granite worktop in your kitchen, you get a wider range of granite worktop colours.

Granite Worktop Colours You Can Choose

Here we discussed on most popular granite worktops colours that are suitable for your kitchen design.

Black Granite for Worktops

The black granite worktop accommodates all elegance together and thereby offers an amazing look and feel when used in kitchen. Accompanying these worktops with neutral cabinets will be the perfect solution to all your home decor issues. If you have large windows that welcome bright light inside throughout the day, black granite worktops will shine and offer a timeless appeal.

Black granite worktops

White Granite for Worktops

With a contemporary look and feel, white granite worktop colour has become one of the most sought-after alternatives for kitchen worktops. In your kitchen, there are so many appliances accommodated. Isn’t it? Well, when it’s granite, you never need to worry. You can adorn your kitchen having a vintage appliance with traditional white granite worktop or the same colour could be used as a modern decoration with a modern appliance. In short, white granite worktops are versatile in nature.

white granite worktops

Red Granite for Worktops

Coming from the Egyptian origin, red granite worktops are the bold and the beautiful option for homeowners. The essence is so magical that it provides a pure and magnificent appeal to your kitchen. You will find red granite coming with various additional shades or highlights, including blue, white, and silver. The patterns and shades vary hugely from simple bright pink to deep burgundies. Based on your premises’ colours, you can make your choice.

Green Granite for Worktops

Give your interiors an eco-friendly look with green granite worktops. In these types of worktops, you will find brown and grey undertones. The green stones comes with several geometrical patterns, thereby giving a unique appeal to the worktops made of green granite. As soon as you get these installed, your interiors become more relaxing and more peaceful. If you have ever been geometry freak, this option is for you. 

Blue Granite for Worktops

No matter how crowded your premise is, when you have blue granite worktops in your household, it will always be less crowded. Another feature of these alternatives is that they are lovable by all. Any visitor coming to your household will be unable to keep his/her eyes off these worktops. You can definitely try it. The blue granite comes with either black or blue bases or grey, brown, and white bases.

Brown Granite for Worktops

When you have so many distinct yet unique alternatives, making a choice is easy as you can do so depending on the interiors that you have. Besides the above-mentioned ones, you may also opt for brown granite worktops, if you think they suit your requirements. It is recommended that you take up some relevant samples before you actually get them installed in your premise.

brown granite worktops

Go through the options thoroughly and choose the one that best suits your prerequisites. Also, the lighting that enters or is switched on within the premises also determines or influences your choice. When you are spending a hefty amount for adorning your house, ensure that it is a worthy expenditure. However, with granite kitchen worktop colours, there will be no issue. Once you invest in installing these worktops, you can be assured of your visitor’s envious eyes. Go for it!!!

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