Where and How to Use Stone Floors (And What Kinds Are Best)

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Stone is a timelessly elegant material for flooring—deep, swirling textures in varying shades of an endless number of colours add visual interest while remaining simple enough for large surfaces. Furthermore, stone is more versatile for spaces than you may realize! Here are some places and purposes for using stone floors, and which stone types are especially effective as flooring!  

High Foot-Traffic Areas

For rooms or buildings where foot traffic is frequent, the most durable floors are the most ideal floors. Wood, carpet, and even tile can be worn down and profoundly dirty after short periods of time! Although they may seem like a cheaper option originally, replacing these every few years is an unreasonable financial investment… Instead, the initial investment of putting in stone flooring will last you significantly longer and can be easier to maintain. The durability of stone takes decades to wear down at all and cracks or serious breakage is unlikely!

Designing Stone Floors

Again, this is a gorgeous and elegant option for buildings of many different purposes! Stone is often used for office buildings, especially, to convey a professional and classy setting for business. Home or restaurant kitchens and bathrooms are another great setting for stone, as its function is extra applicable to food safety and easy cleaning. As for the design: one of the beauties of stone is its versatility and availability in a wide range of colours and patterns (as well as its straightforward installation). No need to plan around the flooring—make your flooring match your plans for colour scheme, texture, and mood! Add a glossy finish for shine or a matte finish for a more subtle, raw look. Tailor it to whatever interior style you want!

Best Stone for Flooring

Popular options for stone materials in floors include marble, limestone, granite, and travertine. Each of these is particularly known for its durability, heat resistance, and easy care. All of these can also be installed either as large slabs or smaller tiles, both offering all the benefits of the material itself and adding another variable feature for your consideration!

Look into more details about Travertine Worktops and Flooring to discover why so many people choose this beautiful stone as their flooring! 

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