Granite Worktops Prices: How Much Do Granite Worktops Cost?

Granite Worktops Prices: How Much Do Granite Worktops Cost?

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Granite Worktops Prices

Free SampleGranite worktop prices vary between £40 and £180 per square foot in the UK. The cheap granite worktops prices of 1250mm thickness is around £170. There are also high-end granite worktops, which cost somewhere in the range of £450 per square metre.

Granite worktop prices are also dependent on the length of the slab and its colour. This is applicable for the commonly available colour variants. For a premium colour, the charge could be around £285 for a similar-sized slab. Prices are always directly proportional to these two factors.

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These prices generally include installation charges depending on the thickness of the slab.

How Much Do Granite Worktops Cost?

Granite worktops cost could vary depending on some of the key factors like the colour, thickness of slab, length, quality etc. The regular per square metre cost of a granite worktop is £270 on average. Some of the high-end granite worktops could even cost up to £450 for every square metre.

Installation and template charges could also influence granite worktops cost. Since granite is a delicate material, it needs to be handled with care and the ideal way is to hire professional and experienced help for installation. Installation charges of professionals could be in the range of £300, which can add to the granite cost. It is likely that the installation charges come at a discount, which can reduce the overall granite cost. The best option is to bargain on the installation charges while purchasing granite from the supplier.

Granite Worktop Price Calculator: Cost Calculation

For the cost calculation, you can use granite worktop price calculator, which is an easy way to estimate the entire cost of a new kitchen. If you are looking for a spontaneous quotation, select the product and submit your details. We offer an offline calculator, which can estimate the granite kitchen worktops cost and provide complete information in no time.

Granite Installation Cost: Estimation of Cost

Granite installation cost is generally considered in the overall granite cost if you get the installation done from the supplier. For template services, you could pay somewhere around £300 and the same goes for installation as well. The price of any tear-out, edging, sealing, modifications, cut-outs, sinks and plumbing are also included in the real granite installation cost. It is important to ensure that the installation and template are done by the same team of professionals to achieve a good level of finishing. When the same team does end to end installation and finishing of granite, you can end up having a good quality kitchen.


You can find cheap kitchen worktops at KML Worktops where you can discover several choices in a vast range of granite worktop prices. You can select the granite type, which best suits your requirements. While exploring the various available options, you can learn about the installation cost and other charges in order to arrive at a final estimate of your kitchen expenses. Depending on your preferences, you can select a high-end granite worktop, which comes at a premium or you can select a more economical version. With the help of a price calculator, you will be able to measure your budget against the actual cost.


Q1. What is a good price for granite?

Granite price for slabs can be somewhere around £35 to £54 per square foot. Additional installation cost could add up to the granite cost. Depending on the granite colour and pattern options available, the price could vary further. Some of the granite slabs even come with heat and scratch resistance and hence could cost extra. While considering the various cost options, it is important to check for the durability of a granite slab. Granite slabs come in levels that range from 1-7. The levels are classified depending on the patterns, intricate details and also unique colour options. Lower-grade options come cheaper as compared to the higher ones.

Q2. What is the price difference between quartz and granite?

Granite comes cheaper as compared to quartz with per square foot of granite costing around £35, whereas quartz can be expensive with a price tag of £60-£70. The price difference between quartz and granite is higher considering that quartz can cost almost twice as much as granite. Granite prices can have a wide range and a lot depends on its origin and rarity. Since quartz and granite compete directly, the prices of granite have fallen over recent years. Quartz continues to be expensive considering its increasing preference over granite. Unless you have a very large kitchen, you won’t end up with a major price differential in either case.

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