How to Update a Kitchen Worktop

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Installing new countertops is expensive. In fact, pretty much any new work you might want done in your kitchen is going to cost you. If you’re not in the market to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on replacing your old countertops, maybe it’s time to consider some alternatives. There are all sorts of things you can try to spice up the appearance of your kitchen without spending a great deal on brand new equipment. So, have you been wondering how to update a kitchen worktop? We’ve got some answers and suggestions below. 

Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Kitchen Worktops

There are plenty of ways to enhance or alter the appearance of your kitchen worktops. Take a look at our list to discover all the options at your fingertips. 

Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint over your current worktops is a great way to change things up without spending too much money. Find a color you like or experiment a bit to discover exactly what you want. There are even paints designed to mimic the appearance of stone, so you can enjoy worktops that will be completely transformed. 

Cover the Worktop

There are all kinds of things you can use to cover your worktops, including options like material or fabric, wood veneer, or metal. Should you go with the fabric option, you should also consider paper. There are paper options out there—much like certain paint options that we’ve mentioned—that once in place, take on the appearance of marble or stone. 

Stone Spray Paint

Spray paint is similar to the paint options above but without the need to brush it on. Many varieties of this paint are created specifically to convince viewers that what they are looking at is truly made of stone. Be sure to apply poly sealant after you’re done painting as a way to protect the coating you’ve just put on your worktops. 

Utilize Tile

If you’re really feeling the need for a change, you might consider tile. Installing tile on your worktops will change the appearance quite a bit, but the overall effect can be quite enjoyable and fun. This option does involve a bit more work on your part and might cost a bit more than painting or laying down paper or fabric. 

Build Your Own

It’s not paying for a new one if you’re designing and creating it yourself, right? This option might seem to border on replacing your worktops entirely, but you will save plenty of money doing it yourself rather than paying for installation and new worktops. You can use butcher block wood or concrete—both of which are inexpensive and easy to come by. 

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