Grey Bathroom Worktop

The bathroom of the house is a place which needs to be sparkling clean and shiny. It should give comfort and yet be luxurious and smart. It is therefore important to do the interior decor in a way that it soothes, and yet gives off a stylish look - one way to do that is to use grey bathroom worktops.

Play With Grey Worktops

Grey is a mixture of black and white. There are many shades and hues ranging from silver grey to dark grey which is almost reminiscent of black.  It is a colour of elegance that blends well with different shades. When choosing marble, quartz, granite or any other stone in grey, you can play with other hues to add a touch of elan or funkiness! Whichever stone you buy, be sure to get it installed by a professional - our stonemasons are the best in the industry.

A Variety to Choose From

KML Worktops offers the best variety of stone worktops for your bathroom. You can rest assured about the quality - we provide genuine priced at affordable prices from around the world. Browse our collection for worktops, countertops, flooring, claddings, and more.

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