How to Style Your Bathroom

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While your bathrooms are the smallest rooms in your home, they’re also some of the most trafficked rooms in your home! The colours you use, the lighting you employ, and the décor you add are all important elements of a well-styled bathroom that you can feel comfortable in. Here are a few things to consider regarding each of those elements!


Every colour can invoke a certain mood or feeling. Light, neutral colours like off-whites, soft blues or purples, teals or even slightly brighter shades like peach all invite a cheerful, calm ambiance to your restroom design. However, your walls aren’t the only colourful aspect of the room you should think about—your bathroom countertops, sinks, and shower walls are an opportunity to add to the stylistic appeal of your bathroom through colour and texture. Stone comes in an endless variety of colours and is as beautiful as it is durable! Granite, marble, porcelain, quartz and more are popular for their longevity as well as their variability in colours to match any style. While black or white tends to be the popular choice, you can also consider a deep green or pleasant pink to accent black or white walls!


A dark or dim bathroom is not only uncomfortable, it can also be extremely frustrating. Using proper, effective lighting ensures that the bathroom is relaxing while helping its functionality. Apart from the obvious light fixtures that are installed in every bathroom, using light-coloured, reflective or transparent materials will give off the perception of a lighter (and bigger, even,) bathroom! White marble countertops, a glass door shower, and large mirrors all reflect the light provided by light fixtures, so that light becomes naturally multiplied.


Whether you’re going for a themed bathroom or a simple, pleasant feel, décor will provide whatever emphasis you are hoping to achieve. Don’t overwhelm this small space with decorations; rather, find a few simple pieces that will complement the colours, lighting and textures you have chosen. Features like plants offer a natural, clean look that goes well with any design. Modern or contemporary style often involves plain black or white pieces to sit on patterned surfaces… creating this contrast between pattern and plain keeps the space visually interesting without being too busy. This is another reason using the marbled or grained look of stone as a material for walls or counters is visually and functionally appealing!

When you’re ready to create the perfect bathroom for your home, check out these bathroom worktops and countertops to start your brainstorming for the materials that will achieve just the look you have in mind.  

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