Colour Options for Your Worktops

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Stone is an obvious winner when it comes to durable countertops. The design of your kitchen, bathroom or whatever room you intend to use stone in is the next important decision—what mood are you going for, what style feels most comfortable, and (most importantly) what colours will you employ to achieve that mood and style? Stone may sound like a limited material when it comes to colour options, but various types of stone come in hundreds of beautiful colours and patterns. You are guaranteed to find something you will love that matches exactly what you need!

How Colour Variations Are Made

Each type of stone is made from a variety of minerals fused together to create an impenetrable mass. Those minerals have a natural colour to them that plays into the shade of the stone, but it’s really the various combinations of minerals, chemicals, pressurizations, oxidation, and temperatures that determine the final colour of the material. As reactions occur during the solidifying process, the rock may shift or add colours that create that rich, textured look in such bright and contrasting colours.

Neutral Tones

The most commonly occurring colours in nature in regards to stone are browns, greys and blacks. Igneous rocks—which are made up of larger particles of rock fused together under a high pressure—like granite are popular because of this speckled appearance, combining different shades of grey and black into a sporadic and swirled texture. Metamorphic rock like marble has a similar combination, but with heat added to the fusing process, creating a smoother and more homogenous look. While marble and granite can be manipulated into a rainbow of colours, their most frequent shades are those neutral browns, blacks and greys. This variance often makes the stone appear sparkling.

Vibrant Hues

You don’t often see shades of bright blue, green, or red rock in nature! While some rock like quartz does often include pink and green threads throughout, many of the more brightly coloured rocks are so because they were artificially created using particular minerals that provide those shades. Granite and marble can be artificially made this way, which is why you can find countertops in emerald shades, light pinks or deep blues.

Your countertops can be a central part of the colour design of your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you want stone to highlight an elegant space. Explore the many shades and textures available to you in these versatile stone materials like granite, and love the look of your counters as much as their functional benefits. 

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